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This page is intended to help us and you with getting a quote for a custom designed and built robot. Before making the request be sure to look at all our standard robot and packages.& All our items include pricing and many options and configuration.

Contact methods:

There are three methods to reach us.

  1. Contact Forms
  2. Send us a email email: SDR (at) SDRobots (dot) COM, but a direct email is more prone to ending up in junk mail, so for first contact please use the most appropriate contact form.
  3. Call Us. We are available 8-5PM EST. A engineer may not be able to drop everythign and take your call, but if the forms or email give you difficulty please give us a ring

Confidential Information:

If you require a Non Disclosure Agreement, please contact us before submitting.

Information needed:

In order for us to give you a quote, we need a lot of information. Below is the information we will need. We tried to list the most common information we need to get all your requirements. Of course if you have a specification, etc that would help out a lot. The more details we have the better. We can get lots of this with a phone call too, but we would really like to get it in writing its in black and white what is needed.

Phone Number:
Postal Code:
General Description: Provide as many details as possible about the purpose and requirements of your robot. The more detail the better. Kinda hard to quote a custom robot with 1 sentence, etc...
Body Style: Some suggested options are: Open Body Style, Open Body Style With Roll Cage, Enclosed Body, Enclosed Watertight Body, etc. Just let us know what your requirements are as far as keeping the environment out, contents in, etc.
Drive Train: Some options are: Drive Train: 2WD, 4WD, 6WD, Treaded, Vectoring. Conventional steering (like a car) or skid/differential steering (vary the speeds and directions of the motors to steer, or some other method.
Size Requirements / Restrictions: Provide maximum and/or minimum size the robot can or cannot be.
Weight Requirements / Restrictions: Provide maximum and/or minimum weight the robot can or cannot be.
Capacity Requirements / Restrictions: Besides the weight of the robot, how much weight does the robot have to haul around?
Speed Requirements / Restrictions: How fast or slow does the robot have to travel?
Primary Control System: Some options are: RC Control, Autonomous, PC Wireless Link, CoFDM, Tethered, Fiber Tethered, any combination, etc. How do you want to control the robot. What style of controller do you want? Enclosed remote, computer, simple RC controller, etc. Indicate if more then one control systems are desired. (i.e. we can do WiFi and tethered with RC over-ride.
Camera Options: Some options are: Pan, Tilt, Zoom, Infrared (IR). Thermal, any combination, etc. Describe the Camera System you want if any. If you want any additional features, multiple cameras, scissor lift, telescoping boom, zipper mast, etc.
Primary Power System: Some options are: Sealed Lead Acid, NiMH, Li-Ion, LiFePO4, Tethered How do you want the robot to be powered. What is your priority; weight, cost, runtime, etc. Indicate if multiple power systems are desired.
Runtime Requirements: how many hours of will the robot be running? How quickly do you need it to charge? Try to be reasonable, we can make it run for a long time, but it takes more batteries, which is more weight, bigger motors, etc.
Duty Cycle: What percent of the time will the robot be used when its on? i.e. if its just going to drive somewhere and then sit idle, the duty cycle would be low. If you plan on going full speed all the time, then the duty cycle would be 100%.
Delivery: When do you need the robot by? We are quick, but be realistic. Super fast times can be achieved, but it will end up with expediting costs.
Target Budget: Please fill out something here. We do everything from design, metal cutting, welding, fabrication, assembly, programming, etc in house so we can provide very cost effective solutions. We are honest, but it takes a lot of effort to prepare a quote for both you and us, so if we are not on the same page with a price there is no point in continuing the effort.

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