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Tamiya Ladder-Chain and Sprocket Set

The ladder and chain set is a great method of transmitting power from your motor to your wheels and gives insight on the beginnings of power transmission.

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Tamiya Remote Power Shovel/Dozer Robot Kit

A common vehicle at construction sites, the Power Shovel/Dozer kit moves like its full-scale counterpart. The 3-channel remote system enables forward/reverse and left/right movement and it also raises the shovel up and down.

$45.00  $39.00
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Wheelchair Motors for Robots
Mechanical  >  Gear Motors  >  Wheel Chair Motors

Wheelchair Motors

These are wheelchair motors which make great motors for heavy duty robots.

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DG-158 24VDC 135 RPM Wheel Chair Motor Pair
This is a set of wheelchair motors and make great heavy duty robot motors. One left motor and one right motor. They are right angle gear drives with a release and electric brakes. They are 24VDC and the operating speed is 135 RPM.
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These are wheelchair which make great motors for heavy duty robots.
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We specialize in designing and fabricating custom robots and other electro-mechanical devices.

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Rain Sensor

The Rain Sensor is a product developed for several automation purposes, like industrial control, smart houses or any kind of project that requires this function.

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4 Power (DC Motor Control)

The 4 Power is a shield for Arduino that can control until 4 DC motors and one extra resistive load of your choice. To user it just connect one power supply of until 46V (Max 1A per motor) connecting the terminals Vcc and GND.

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