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Arduino Hookup Kit

This kit provides you with the connectors/receptacles, crimp pins and wire to connect your project with the Arduino platform.

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24VDC Power Distribution  and Current Monitor - DISCONTINUED

This board has two switched and fused relay buses that are controlled with 5V TTL signals. It also features a onboard 1A 5V switching supply, 50A current monitor, and status LEDs.

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SuperDroid Robots - Discrete Components
Electrical/Controls  >  Discrete Components

Discrete Electronic Components

We offer discrete components ranging from high current switches and relays to fuses and breakers.

The answers to the most common questions we get can be found on our support pages.

Sub Categories
ATO/ATC Blade Fuses and Holders
ATO/ATC Blade Fuses and Holders
ATO/ATC Blade Fuses and Holders
High Current Drivers
High Current Drivers
High Current and Relay driver boards driven by 5V TTL signals
Auto Reset Circuit Breakers
Auto Reset Circuit Breakers
Auto reset circuit breakers rated at 12V or 24V. This includes panel mount and ATO / ATC style blade style universal breakers.
Power Hook-Up Kits
Power Hook-Up Kits
Complete electric power hook up kits which include all of the necessary wiring, switches, fuses, and more to deliver power across your robot.
Glass Barrel Fuses and Holders
Glass Barrel Fuses and Holders
Glass barrel fuses in both 2AG and 3AG sizes rated for various currents.
Switches and Relays
Switches and Relays
Switches, relays and fuses for helping you build your own robot.
Discrete Components including High Current Drivers, Swithes, Relays, Fuses, Breakers, Etc.
Custom Robot Request

We specialize in designing and fabricating custom robots and other electro-mechanical devices.

You can also get a quote for custom mechanical, software, and electronics engineering services. We can also do your custom CNC work, general fabrication, and welding.


New Items
3AG 10Amp Glass Fuses - 5 Pack

This is a 5-pack of 3AG glass fuses rated at 10Amps.

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Solder Core Wire - 50g Spool

This is your basic spool of leaded solder with a 63/37 water soluble resin core. 0.8mm gauge and 50 grams. This is a good spool for more advanced users that should last 3-6 months depending on how often you solder.

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