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Enclosed Case Analog 8 Channel Tactical Robot Controller

This is a custom built Encased case (Pelican style) remote with a 8 channel 2.4Ghz DSM remote with a 7 inch LCD with joysticks, batteries, regulators, data LCD, and 900 MHz video receiver. It also includes the 900MHz video transmitter and 2.4GHz receiver.

Built to Order
2-4 Weeks
Docking Station for 2WD Robot Chassis

This is a charging station for the 2WD Robot Chassis.

Built to Order
3-10 Days
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Used and Surplus Items

This group of products are used items or prototypes of items that we no longer use. We have discounted them for great deals. Items are added and removed from this category frequently. Most items on quantity 1, once they sell they are gone.

The answers to the most common questions we get can be found on our support pages.

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(10 Pack) Steel Ball Bearings Flanged for 3/8" Shaft Dia, 7/8" OD
Surplus item priced to move! Steel Ball Bearings Flanged for 3/8" Shaft Dia, 7/8" OD.
1 Ready to Ship!
(4 Pack) Steel Ball Bearing Flanged for 5/8" Shaft Dia, 1 3/8" OD
Surplus item priced to move! Steel Ball Bearing Flanged for 5/8" Shaft Dia, 1 3/8" OD.
4 Ready to Ship!
Ladybird Quadcopter 4-Channel 2.4GHz w/ LCD Display Remote Control
The attractive, durable and lifelike simulation-design canopy delights with its bright colors and state-of-the-art workmanship. Stability and agility in flight simplify professional 3D maneuvers like pirouettes, 3D fun flips, rolls and more.
5 Ready to Ship!
DEMO Pre-Built LT2-F Tactical Robot with 4 Axis Arm and COFDM OCU
This is our LT2-F pre-assembled Tracked tactical (UGV) robot equipped with a 4 axis robotic arm and COFDM Radio. This pre-built is an customized version of TP-600-291.
$26,657.07  $23,990.00
1 Ready to Ship!
2 3/8 inch wide tread set
2 3/8 inch wide matched treads with an approximate 12mm pitch.
$259.00  $229.00
2 Ready to Ship!
SportBEC Switch-mode BEC - Double
Double SportBEC Switch-mode BEC mounted on a custom PCB.
1 Ready to Ship!
EDTP Wireless Lan Development  Board and More...
This is the EDTP AirDrop-F Wireless Lan Development Board. We have the TEW-222CF WiFi CompactFlash Network Card and a development board we made.
1 Ready to Ship!
D-Link Wireless 108G Notebook Adapter - OPEN BOX
D-Link Xtreme G Wireless Notebook Adapter to the IEEE 802.11g standard.
1 Ready to Ship!
Wireless Video/Audio Sender and Receiver
Wireless Video/Audio Sender and Receiver. Sends sounds and picture image from your stereo, VCR, or satellite system through walls, floors or ceilings to a TV up to 100 feet away. 2.4 GHz signal for superior performance
1 Ready to Ship!
Campbell Hausfeld inline Filter
Campbell Hausfeld inline Filter
1 Ready to Ship!
7 Chan High Cur TTL Driver with 4 Power 5V Relays
This is a High current driver that will take the 5V TTL signal from your OOPic, Basic Stamp, etc and drive any all of the 4 relays. 3 other channels are left open for other applications. It includes status LEDs for each input.
1 Ready to Ship!
D-Link 108G  Wireless Notebook Adapter
Now the popular D-Link Xtreme G Wireless Notebook Adapter just got faster, while maintaining adherence to the IEEE 802.11g standard.
$59.00  $4.99
1 Ready to Ship!
This group of products are used items or prototypes of items that we no longer use.  We have discounted them for great deals.  Keep Checking back to this category as we add items.
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New Items
Programmable MLT-JR Tracked Development Robot

This is a MLT-JR tracked programmable robot platform and is equipped with 12V 32mm motors, motor controller, and Arduino. This Arduino robot can be programmed to be a autonomous robot.

Built to Order
1-3 Days
4WD All Terrain Heavy Duty Robot Platform - IG52 DB

This is our Heavy Duty All-Terrain Robot platform with 52mm gear motors. Built to navigate through rough terrain and over small obstructions. This heavy duty robot is configurable.

Built to Order
2-4 Days
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