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Robot Drive Wheel - 6 inch Solid Core Tire

This is a robot drive wheel we had made specifically for us. It does not have a bearing. Its 6 inches in diameter. 1.9" inches wide. Its foam filled with a 4 bolt pattern so you can easily mount it to a flanged hub.

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IG32 Right Angle 12VDC 043 RPM Gear Motor

These right angle gear motors have a rated speed of 43 RPM and a gear reduction of 1:139. These geared motors serve as excellent robot motors, but work great for other uses.

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SuperDroid Robots - Remote Presence
Robots/Robot Kits  >  Remote Presence Robots

Remote Presence Robots for Mobile Video Conferencing

All SuperDroid robots are built in North Carolina, USA. If you're looking for a specialized robot, fill out our robot request form.

The answers to the most common questions we get can be found on our support pages. For More Information: Remote Presence Support.

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RP2W Two Way Remote Presence Robot - Open Style
This is our Generation 4b RP2W (Remote Presence 2-Way) Robot with an open platform style. The Robot that can be configured with no sensors to a full sensor package.
Built to order
3-8 weeks
RP2W Two Way Remote Presence Robot
The RP2W (Remote Presence 2-Way) is a remote presence robot which allows professionals in different geographical locations to teleconference and establish a remote presence via a mobile robot.
Built to Order
3-8 Weeks
Remote presence 2-way (RP2W) Robots help make video conferencing mobile. Drive your robot around remotely from anywhere in the world, your face is displayed on the robot and you control the robot's camera to view everything remotely.
Custom Robot Request

We specialize in designing and fabricating custom robots and other electro-mechanical devices.

You can also get a quote for custom mechanical, software, and electronics engineering services. We can also do your custom CNC work, general fabrication, and welding.


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USB to Serial Converter (Garagino's programmer)

The USB Converter Serial (FT232RL) Rev1 has as its objective to convert USB to Serial communication. You can use it for communication (including programming) Microcontrollers.

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3AG Barrel Fuse Holder - In-Line

In-line 3AG Barrel Fuse Holder with 18AWG wire leads

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