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SuperDroid Robots Profile and History

SuperDroid Robots has been working with robots over the last 25 years and plans to keep doing if for countless more. We have developed robots from tiny pipe crawling robots to large 2500lb robots. We have designed and built simple Remote Control robots to completely autonomous robots. We have many designs of robots that we keep in stock. These robots can be easily and rapidly deployed as is or we can customize the stock robot frames to meet your needs. We can also provide a completely custom robot. We have multiple CNC machines, Mills, Lathes, Welders, break presses, Routers, 3-D printers, etc. for cutting and forming all materials giving us the unique ability to design, build, assemble, program, and test all in house for rapid prototyping!

Company History

The world of robots has been growing in leaps and bounds. However, the smartest robot out there is still dumber than a cockroach. SuperDroid Robots plans on helping everyone understand programmable autonomous robots to help bring robotics further and further towards truly intelligent useful machines.

All the early SuperDroids (I-III) were made of wood with a very limited budget, but they all worked very well. SuperDroid I - IV were just remote control robots with various functions. Lots of knowledge was gained from these earlier models. SuperDroid V was the first robot that was designed to be autonomous and a lot of experience was gained from this too. SuperDroid V was controlled with a PC using I/O interface cards. SuperDroid VI and SuperDroid VII were the next generation of Robots using Programmable Integrated Circuits (PICs) for brains.

The designers took a detour from autonomous robots to develop BattleBots, and gained a lot of valuable knowledge about building robust mechanical and electrical systems. Using the experience of building development SuperDroids was applied to building BattleBots. The experience of building BattleBots was then reapplied into building the current robots offered by SuperDroid Robots Inc. Although BattleBots are not autonomous, they required very sturdy and durable construction to survive in the BattleBox. A group of engineers and mechanics/machinists got together and built the Atomic Wedgie - the Super Heavy weight (340lb) Season 2 runner up. Team Half-Life Inc. was formed. For more information on the sport go to

SuperDroid Robots started selling products online during the conclusion of Battlebots in November 2000. We started with the SuperDroid Trekker the best and most versatile robot on the market for people to learn about programmable autonomous robots. SuperDroid Robots continued to add more custom products to its online store. SuperDroid Robots also began reselling other robot related items. As the business grew SuperDroid robots continued designing and building more and more custom robots and providing more stock robot kits. The SuperDroid Trekker was the first robot kit sold online by SuperDroid Robots weighing in at about 3lbs. Now we have a large selection of All-Terrain Wheeled robot kits, vectoring robot kits, remote presence robots, and treaded robot kits topping the scales at over 250lbs. We have also included WiFi Robots, Tactical Robots and continue developing custom robots.

Through its years SuperDroid Robots started out as Team-Half-Life Inc. incorporated in Maryland. The company later moved to California and finally settled in North Carolina near the research triangle right outside or Raleigh in 2006 and is incorporated as SuperDroid Robots Inc. in Wake County.

Company Capabilities

SuperDroid Robots has a very large inventory of raw material, robot parts, and robot kits. Through its years they have made many contacts with suppliers, machine shops, fabrication facilities, laser cutting, water jet cutting, etc. SuperDroid Robots has a complete in-house machine shop with all digital readouts, a large inventory of tooling, etc. SuperDroid Robots has added several CNC machines (one of which was designed and built from scratch). SuperDroid Robots has also purchased a CNC break press too and a CNC high definition Plasma cutting table. SuperDroid Robots has in-house TIG and MIG welding. All the equipment gives us the ability to build most projects in-house. With our relationships with local vendors, larger projects can be affordably managed. SuperDroid Robots uses 3D CAD for most of our design work. We have an extensive library of standard parts that can be laser or water jet cut. The parts are then machined and/or welded together.

Key Personnel

  • Charlie - President/CEO. Mechanical Engineer and Physics with 28+ years of management, design, operation, maintenance, and fabrication in industrial facilities, machine shops, and production facilities.
  • Susan - Vice President/CFO. Business and Political Science with 25+ years of experience.
  • Paul - Engineer with 10+ years of design, fabrication, welding, and machining experience with robotics, farm equipment and industrial equipment.
  • Jason - Hardware and firmware engineer with over 8 years experience with mixed signal circuit design, FPGA and firmware development.
  • David - Mechanical Engineer and Physics with design and fabrication experience.
  • Brent - Mechanical and electrical engineer with expertise in autonomous algorithms, .NET and embedded C programming.
  • Tom - Technician with 20 years of mechanical and electrical experience in construction and material handling
  • Rusty - Mechanical Fabricator, mechanic, Machinist, Welder with 30+ years of experience.
  • John - Electrical and Electronics Technician with a solid mechanical and fabrication background.
  • Derick - Mechanical Fabricator and mechanic with 20+ years of experience.
  • Bill - Part Time Contract - Webmaster/Programmer, MSSQL expert
  • Daniel Part Time Contract - Electrical Engineer with 10 years of experience with embedded controller programming and circuit design.
  • David D Part Time Contract - Programmer with extensive experience and education for programming on all OS system including embedded controllers.
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