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Large Heavy Duty Robots
Large Heavy Duty Robots

Large Heavy Duty Robots

What's large? To us the word 'large' is relative. The robots you see below are over six feet long and are capable of hauling over 2,000 pounds. However, you may not consider these to be large robots and that is not a problem. We have the facility to build a robot to meet your specifications, no matter how big the robot.

Since we design and build everything in our same location in NC, USA we can provide these custom solutions at very affordable prices. Click on the quote button above and we can provide you with an estimate to bring your solution to life!

Snow Plow Robot
Snow Plow Robot Snow Plow Robot Snow Plow RobotSnow Plow Robot
Snow Plow RobotSnow Plow Robot

For more details of about this robot, follow the links below:

Remote Controlled Snow Plow Robot

You may have seen our premier snow removal robot on the Weather Channel, MSNBC, or Lowes. This custom snow plow is a massive 6-wheel drive remote control robot. The power of this robot will allow you to plow your driveway, cul-de-sac, side walk, or parking lot while you stay warm and comfortable inside your home or business. Please check out the videos and photo gallery below.

The 6WD snow plow was a custom robot that was sold. Let us build one for you! We learned a lot building and testing this robot. We can do a lot of different variations to save some cost too. How about 4WD with a 4 foot blade? Get a lot of snow? How about a snow blower? We can even add a salt spreader on the back! Contact us today and we will be happy to help you build your own snow plow.

Remote Control Snow Plow Video - Plowing Snow

Additional Videos:

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6WD Robot
6WD Robot 6WD Robot 6WD Robot 6WD Robot

6WD ATR RC with 90mm motors

This is our prebuilt 6WD IG90 ATR, another large 6WD robot driven by two IG90 motors and chain coupled axles.

6WD Robot Platform

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Cooler Robot
Cooler Robot Cooler Robot Cooler Robot Cooler Robot

For more details of about this robot, follow the links below:

6WD Entertainment Machine

What two things do all tailgate parties have in common? Ice cold beverages and some good music. So why not combine the two into a remote controlled platform that you can take with you anywhere you go? This robot is exactly that with a 6WD platform and a cooler with a built-in stereo system. This is a custom robot that we built for one of our customers. We provided the 6WD robot platform while he built his own stereo/cooler. He can now take as many of his delicious cold beverages anywhere he pleases and all he'll have to carry is a remote control. Be a hit at your next party or tailgate with your own tricked out robotic masterpiece.

Cooler Robot Platform

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Operation Overkill
Large Robotic Vehicle Large Robotic Vehicle Large Robotic Vehicle Large Robotic Vehicle
Large Robotic Vehicle Large Robotic Vehicle Large Robotic Vehicle Large Robotic Vehicle

The Work Horse - Operation Overkill

This robotic vehicle was built to showcase the capabilities of our facility and engineering team. It has a 24HP 690 CC V twin engine running hydraulics, with modified custom exhaust and remote start. It also includes a kill switch, and a full on board computer to host a wide range of accessories. It has a top speed of 14 miles per hour and is very powerful. It is extremely versatile and can drive on particularly rough terrain. It can be used for pulling farming equipment, towing vehicles, dredging, landscaping, or even for surveillance on rugged terrain. Recently, we built a gun turret that carries two guns, a camera for the sight, and high-power LED lights. The turret can pan approximately 460 degrees and can tilt down approximately 30 degrees and up approximately 60 degrees. The triggers and lights are controlled from the remote and the camera is viewed on the remote's LCD screen.

The dimensions are 66" long x 45" wide x 36" high, and it weighs 1750 lbs.

Currently we can mount a 5000lb winch or bumper on the front, and we can mount a trailer hitch or a bumper on the back. Other attachments can also be mounted, and the fuel tank can be sized for more runtime if needed. It can be driven with a remote control or from a computer over WiFi, so you can be at an offsite location and still have full control. The robot remains idle until it receives the start signal at which point the engine is started and it is ready to be driven. As always, this robot is fully customizable so if you have other uses for it we are happy to accommodate them.

Overkill with Paintball Turret

Additional Videos:

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Golf Cart
Large Robotic Vehicle Large Robotic Vehicle Large Robotic Vehicle Large Robotic Vehicle

Golf Cart Robot

Getting bored of driving the golf cart? Have someone drive it for you remotely while you are along for the ride. This golf cart is far from stock. The standard electric motor was removed and replaced with two 20 horsepower motors, driving each rear wheel independently though a custom drive train. The steering wheel was replaced by a custom designed gearbox with position feedback for a realistic remote driving experience.

Remote Controlled Golf Cart Remote Controlled Golf Cart

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Golf Cart

X-Ray Robot Platform

This was built to carry an x-ray platform to inspect rocket engines while they were being tested.

  • Twin 7.5 HP 230V 3 phase gear motors
  • 2200lbs Aluminum chassis
  • 12 inch wide rubber tracks with steel reinforcement
  • 7' long x 4' wide x 35" tall
  • Made to carry ~1000lbs of x-ray equipment
X-Ray Robot

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Need a high performance robot with a high payload? We will build you the large robot you require at a price that fits within your budget.  Contact us today about our large robots.
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