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SuperDroid Robots Support

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Welcome to SuperDroid Robots Support Page! Get the help you need to build, update, or maintain your robot.

We design, develop, support, and sell robot parts, kits, platforms, and custom solutions. This is a general support page to help introduce you to our company, our capabilities, resources, and much more. Please follow the links below to familiarize yourself with our site. If you need help with anything please contact us through our contact page, live chat, email, or give us a call.

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About SDR

SuperDroid Robots lives and breaths robotics. We are not a new startup company! We have been in the business of selling robot and related parts since 2000. Follow the links to the left to find out whats new, meet the staff, and visit our most popular pages.

We also stock over 1000 products on our online store too, and our inventory is ever-growing. Since our inception, many companies have come and gone; we have seen major events including terrorism attacks, economic downfalls, etc. and have always prevailed with great products, engineering, and customer support. Let us know what you think!

SDR Capabilities

We do vertually everythying under one roof in our 10,000 sq. ft. facility with all our own machinery including CNC High Defination Plasma cutter, CNC Router Tables, CHC Mills, Lathes, break presses, etc. This leads to rapid prototyping. The same engineer that designs your custom robot will see it all the way through including fabricatiosn, assembly, testing, etc.

How to Build a Robot

Wheeled Robots
These robots are for the serious robot enthusiasts. They are larger than the Trekker, but utilize many of the same sensors and controllers. The robots can house a variety of wheels, motors and frames. The different wheels will allow All Terrain travel. The motors can be regular size or super-sized for climbing over rocks. The frames are laser cut aluminum and/or acrylic with predefined holes for OOPics, speed controllers, cameras, sensors, etc.

Treaded Robots
Treaded robots are much more likely to navigate obstacles especially where climbing is involved as the tread helps to hold the robot up while spanning gaps.

Arms and Lifts
We offer several different arms and lifts make that make your robot more versatile. Arms allow you to pick and place as well as push and pull while lifts allow you and get camera views that you can't with a normal pan and tilt system. We offer scissor lifts in various heights for lifting cameras and/or equipment. We also have a variety of Zippermasts made by Geo Systems Inc that allow for extended height.

The RP2W (Remote Presence Two Way)
The RP2W is a telepresence robot, which allows professionals in different geographical locations to teleconference and establish a remote presence via a mobile robot. Real-time video allows for detailed viewing and audio of the surroundings. The robot allows mobility within the workplace. The robot has two- way video, two-way audio, contact and non-contact sensors, and battery monitoring. All of this is accomplished using wireless technology. The robot is controlled from a remote location using a personal computer and a gamepad.

Electric Hookup
Motor Controllers take signals from a microprocessor or radio control receiver and convert it into a high current varying voltage.

Servos, Motors, and Motor Controllers
Many robots, such as the Trekker, can be driven by modified servos. To drive larger robots you need gear motors. Gearmotors can not be driven directly from a microcontroller like servos can, so you need motor speed controllers.

RS232 to TTL Converter Cables
These cables and boards are used for TTL to RS232 communications. The converters support 3.3V to 5V logic and we carry multiple connectors.

Programmable Microcontrollers
What's a robot without any brains? Here are links to our support pages and product categories related to microcontroller programming.

Wireless Systems
We carry systems to make your robot wireless. We have our own RF serial link, the Devantech RF Link, and HiTec RC controllers.

We have lots of sensors. Sensors let the brains of the robot know what's going on in the outside world. Listed below are support pages for many of the sensors we carry. Follow this link for our complete line of sensors. Here are links to the various sensor categories within our online store.

Need help building a robot? Our support page provides general information on building robots. We also list support resources related to our robots and robot parts.
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