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International Support

International Customers

Yes, we ship internationally!

All orders are shipped and processed from our facility in North Carolina. We do NOT have international distributors. We only accept orders placed on our web site; we have no problem shipping robots internationally. Please review the information below prior to placing your order.

International Credit Card Processing

For payment, typically international cards do NOT go through on-line. It is usually because our bank can not verify the billing addresses for international cards, and therefore will NOT. accept them over the Internet.

Trying to run your international card on-line will typically result in a incomplete order with a pending charge on your card that will take several days to clear effecting your credit limit.

We recommend that you Simply select "Manual Payment" as a payment option (located on the final checkout page/payment page). Alternatively you can use 'Pay by mail', 'Purchase Order', 'Quote Request', or 'Bank transfer' as a payment method.

After selecting a alternate payment method and completing your order, you will be given a order number. We will then contact you for payment. There is a text field on the checkout page if you feel you need to give us further instructions, comments, etc. about the method in which you wish to pay.

  • Method 1: You can then send us a scanned image or photo of the front and back of your Credit Card along with the front and back of a valid photo ID showing your address and we can process your order manually. Make sure all the numbers and print are legible; a black and white photo copy will NOT work.
  • Method 2: You can also call us with your credit card information during normal business hours (M-F 8:30AM-5PM EST).
  • Method 3: We can send you a PayPal Invoice.
  • Method 4: We will send you a quote if a quote was requested.
  • Method 5: We will send you a proforma invoice with wire transfer information.
  • Method 6: Alternatively, you can mail us a certified check or money order or wire us the money.

Using PayPal

Yes, we accept PayPal! Same as for credit card processing, please proceed through standard checkout. Upon completion of the order on the payment page select "Manual Payment". After selecting 'manual payment' and completing your order, you will be given a order number. We will contact you for payment and PayPal can be used.

International Shipping

You will need to proceed through checkout and enter your shipping address into our on-line cart. After entering your shipping information, you will be given shipping options. We only ship international orders using traceable methods to ensure packages are not lost. If you wish, you can enter your carrier account and shipping method into the field. For international shipping we must fill out customs paperwork and the import/custom/brokerage fees your country may charge are typically not included in the costs. You need to check with your local government to determine the fees/duties/etc.

Lots of times the on-line shipping calculator can not calculate costs properly due the large size of our packages. If you want us to manually calculate a shipping cost make sure you give us a full complete address for shipping, then on the carrier selection page, just select "Bill and add later (extra payment required)". On the final checkout page you can type in any comments such as "Provide cheapest shipping method", "Provide fastest shipping", "provide guaranteed shipping", etc. We will let you know the options and costs, which we will add into your invoice.

Still having trouble?

We will be happy to provide a quote to you. Just let us know what item(s) you want. If the item has options, let us know what options you want with the item. If you can get the items into the shopping cart, just copy the shopping cart. Then let us know your billing and shipping address including a phone number and we will get you quote.

This page provides information for international customers looking to purchase a robot from the USA. Including international shipping and credit card processing.
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