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HS-805BB Mega Torque 1/4 Scale Servo

The HS-805BB is one monster of a servo. The HS805BB develops enough torque to move just about anything whether its a large plane, boat, or robot. Whatever it may be the HS 805BB can move it and move it fast.

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Steel Roller Chain Sprocket for #25 Pitch Chain - 70 Teeth

With it's wide hub and finished bore, this 70 teeth steel roller chain sprocket is ready to mount to a shaft.

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Robots, Custom Robots, Robot Kits, All Terrain Robots, Robot Parts | Super Droid Robots
SuperDroid Robots

Building a Robot or related product? Shop online for parts or kits, call us, chat with us, or use our contact form. SuperDroid Robots carries 1000+ products. Many of the items are configurable with options. we provide 100+ robot kits that can be set up to meet your needs. No one offers close to the same amount of robots or parts as we do. Robots and parts for every budget and need. All these products are available from our online store with live inventory tracking.

With our in-house expertise from engineering services, CNC metal and plastic cutting services, CNC machining services, welding services, and custom fabrication services, if you cant find what you need, we can customize our standard products or design and build your Custom Robotic Solution! We perform all these services from one location in North Carolina, USA. We all the parts and services in one location, we provide a quick and affordable solution.

Robot Design, Kits, and Related Items...

Custom Robots

We provide many custom robots to a wide variety of customers. The custom robots are either extensions from out standard kits to completely custom controls and chassis.

Programmable Robots

With our programmable robots, you can write code to have your robot perform a wide array of tasks including autonomous features.

Complete Robot Packages

These robot packages include everything you need for the task at hand whether its remote presence or surveillance. The robots are delivered assembled and include the controls, robot, and charger.

Pre-assembled Custom Robots

These robot kits are assembled custom robots that are ready to go. They were primarily built as development robots with the most popular features of our standard robot kits.

Treaded Robot Kits

These robot kits have tracks or treads instead of wheels. The tracks allow these robots to climb stairs and go over just about any terrain. The robots can be controlled with simple RC control or we can customize it with RF, WiFi, or other control system.

All Terrain Robot Kits

These 4WD and 6WD robots are used as great low cost platforms for your robot projects. They can be customized with many different body styles, wheels, motors, motor controllers, batteries, and controls.

Tamiya Educational Series Robots

Another new line of robots and parts. They are not programmable, but teach basic building concepts, mechanical mechanism principles, and are fun to build play.

Vectoring Robot Kits

These robots utilize omni-wheels and mecanum wheels. The wheels can be positioned in line and used to carry heavy loads up to 200lbs, or the wheels can be angled so the robot can vector (go any direction without turning).

RS232 to TTL Level Converters

These cables convert common TTL signals (0, +5V) to RS232 (-12V, 12V) signals and visa versa. We also have 3.3V TTL converters and Handshaking (CTS, RTS) cables too.

  • RS232 3.3V to 5V TTL Cables
  • RS232 Ethernet Converters
  • USB to TTL

Mechanical Components

Gear motors for your robot projects. Standard, heavy duty, and miniature servos. Wheels that mount to servos and wheels to drive your robot. Robot Tread Systems. Chassis and much more.

  • Camera Pan and Tilts
  • Chains and Sprockets
  • Chassis Options
  • Gear Motors
  • General Mechanical Items
  • Hardware
  • Scissor Lifts
  • Sensor Brackets
  • Servo Hardware
  • Steel Ball Bearings
  • Servos
  • Treads
  • Wheels


Electronic products including batteries, chargers, Arduino boards and shields, motor controllers, PWMs, high current drivers, radio telemetry sets, electrical connectors, wire jumpers, voice synthesizers and more.

  • Batteries
  • Cameras and AV Parts
  • Chargers and Transformers
  • Connectors and Cables
  • Discrete Components
  • Ethernet and WiFi Network
  • Joysticks
  • LCDs - Data and AV
  • Miscellaneous EI & C
  • Motor Controllers
  • Programmable Controllers including Arduino Products
  • Remote Controllers and accessories
  • RF (Wireless) Controllers
  • RS232 Converters
  • Sensors
  • Servo Controllers
  • USB Devices
  • Voltage Regulators
Super Droid Robots supplies Autonomous programmable robots and robot kits, Tactical Robots, SWAT Robots, Custom Robots, cameras, sensors and cables with superior quality.
Custom Robot Request

We specialize in designing and fabricating custom robots and other electro-mechanical devices.

You can also get a quote for custom mechanical, software, and electronics engineering services. We can also do your custom CNC work, general fabrication, and welding.


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DB15 HD Solder Cup Connector

DB15 HD Connector with Solder Cup Termination

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MLT-JR Pair of Molded Spliceless Tracks and Wheel Set

This is a pair of All Terrain reinforced 2 inch wide tracks with 4 wheels for the MLT-JR Treaded Robot. They have 4 ply mesh reinforcement, molded rubber with no splice. Custom lengths can be ordered.

Built to Order
1-3 days
Mecanum Vectoring Robot Chassis - IG32 Medium Duty

This is a rugged chassis made of 1/8" thick aluminum that is cut to the width required by the 4" mecanum wheels. The aluminum is cut with our CNC plasma cutter for and exact fit-up and welded. The chassis accepts outboard bearings to take the wheel loads.

Built to Order
1-3 days
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