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HD2 Pair of Tracks - Generation 2 - DISCONTINUED
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HD2 Pair of Tracks - Generation 2 - DISCONTINUED
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HD2 Pair of Tracks - Generation 2 - DISCONTINUED
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This is a matched pair of All Terrain reinforced 4 inch wide matched treads for the HD2 Treaded Robot with CNC hole spacing and an alligator clip splice. These treads our for our current 2nd generation HD2 Tracked Robots. If you want the wheels that go with these tracks, see our 2nd generation HD2 wheels set and track: follow this link.

Tread Design:

The multi-ply treads have an aggressive black rubber all-terrain 4" wide pattern. The treads have timed holes CNC cut into them to match the CNC manufactured HD2 wheels. The tracks have rubber guides screwed into the side for better tracking. The track is spliced together with a aligator clip. The inside of the track and the aligator clip are painted with a rubber epoxy. The nominal center to center distance of these tracks with the HD2 wheels is 28.375".

This item is built to order. Please allow 1-3 weeks for shipment.

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These tracks and wheels are intended to be replacements for the HD2 (~85 inches). Custom Lengths can be specified. Delivery 3-4 weeks for delivery.

Custom Length (Minimum 48 inches, Max 120 inches) (Add $270.00)
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Adjusted Price

This is a pair of All Terrain reinforced 4 inch wide matched treads for the HD2 Treaded Robot.  These are the generation 2 design.
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