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Remote presence, Wi-Fi, wheeled, mecanum, tracked and programmable robots - all kinds of unmanned ground vehicle (UGV) can be found here. If you don't see exactly what you want, check out our custom robot design services!
Electrical, Instrumentation, and Controls. All of the necessary electrical parts needed to build your own robot. This includes: motor controllers, microcontrollers, sensors, radios, RC, connectors, hookup kits, batteries, switches, and much more.
Miscellaneous items that are helpful in robot building as well as SuperDroid swag and used or opened items.
SuperDroid Robots Specials.
SuperDroid Robots supplies Autonomous programmable robots 
and robot kits, Tactical Robots, SWAT Robots, Custom Robots, 
Arduino, sensors and cables with superior quality.
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NEW Pre-built Wi-Fi Enclosed 4WD Tactical Robot with Tablet Controller - IG42 SB

A Prebuilt Enclosed wheeled robot platform. Equipped with an enclosed aluminum weather resistant chassis, four 42mm gear motors, custom 27x PTZ camera system, and fully assembled, ready to run. Perfect for indoor and/or outdoor surveillance or inspection.

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Steel D-Shaft Sprocket for #25 Pitch Chain - 10 Teeth

These sprockets are custom designed by SuperDroid Robots to fit the 8mm D shaft on our IG42 motors. They are made from high quality steel and have a black-oxide coating.

476 Ready to Ship!
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Polymer Li-ion Battery 7.4V 3650mAh

Custom 7.4V 3650mAh Li-Ion battery

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NEW Prebuilt MLT-JR Tracked Robot RC Platform - SOLD

This is an MLT-JR tracked robot platform equipped with 32-millimeter motors, a motor controller and Spektrum remote. This is a rugged treaded robot platform capable of handling up to 15 pounds of additional payload. It can travel 300 feet per minute.

$831.36  $799.99
Out of Stock. Contact us for availability.
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