Features and Specifications

  • Foam Filled Robot Drive Wheel - 6 X 2 NOT FOR HIGHWAY USE.
  • The tire does not have a load rating. Its a foam core, so it can be loaded up. We have put 125lbs on a 4WD robot using these wheels with no issue.
  • Black Rims, Black Rubber Tire.
  • 2 section rim with 4 Bolt Pattern. 2.125 inch diameter bolt circle, 0.24" bolt hole. Nuts and bolts included.
  • 1.22 center hole in rim.
  • 6 inch diameter (measured). 1.9 inches wide (measured).
  • Weight 0.83lbs.
  • Not for Highway Use

This is a robot drive wheel we had made specifically for us. It does not have a bearing. It is 6 inches in diameter and 2 inches wide. It's a solid foam core with rubber treads and outer layer. The steel rim is painted black with a 4 bolt pattern so you can easily mount it to a flanged hub.

Robot Drive Wheel - 6 inch Solid Core Tire - DISCONTINUED

  • Product Code: TD-110-006
  • Availability: Discontinued
  • $6.95