LT2-F w/Arm Bulldog - ADVANCED Package

  • Weatherproof treaded robot chassis with 6-Axis Removable arm
    315 degree Rotating Base
    180 degree Shoulder
    270 degree Elbow
    Continuous Wrist Rotation
    160 degree Wrist Tilt
    4.5” opening Parallel Finger Gripper
  • Rear Flipper/Stabilizer Arm
  • OCU System: Digital Radio
  • OCU Style: Enclosed Case with touchscreen display
  • 30X optical zoom tilt camera system with remotely operated LED lights
  • Forearm and rear view IR cameras
  • Removable Rear Mast Mounted 30X optical zoom PTZ Camera with remotely operated tactical flood light and laser
  • Video Processing - provides split screen and Quad camera views
  • Kinematic model of robot and arm displayed on OCU LCD
  • 2-Way audio system for hostage negotiation
  • Tablet records video and still shots
  • EOD ready with Carbon Fire 10 disruptor mount
  • External Ethernet Jacks on the OCU and Robot for tethered operation or 4G broadcast
  • Foam lined Shipping and Transport Case
  • Easily removable batteries
  • Automatic battery charging system
  • Fully configurable/customizable
  • LT2-F w/Arm Bulldog Datasheet

  • LT2-F w/Arm Bulldog - ADVANCED Package

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