Meet SPAR, an autonomous security robot built by SuperDroid Robots! This Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR) is ideal for patrolling and protecting perimeters and property. A complex suite of sensors and cameras allow SPAR to observe and detect unusual activity. From trespassers to unknown license plates and open doors, SPAR can spot trouble! The array of HD cameras provide a live feed so you can keep an eye on things. That includes a 360° IR PTZ camera for nighttime operation! SPAR utilizes our HK1000 All-Terrain Heavy-Duty Platform, allowing it to traverse rough terrain with ease!

3D LIDAR and other sensors collect a constant stream of data. This data is then sent to a ROS environment in an NVIDIA® Jetson Xavier for processing. This serves as SPAR's brain, using the information to make realtime decisions. Computer vision and neural networks use that information to recognize and identify a variety of objects, obstructions, and people. SPAR can then determine if it should adjust its course to avoid obstacles or send an alert about trespassers.

SuperDroid Robots constantly explores new ideas and technology for security robots. With our focus on custom robotics, we're able to build to your specific requirements! Below are some typical features you'll find with our security robots.

SPAR Security Robot Pricing Starts at $40k.Pricing varies based on features/quantity selected.

SPAR - Autonomous Indoor/Outdoor Security Robot

  • Product Code: TP-300-001
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