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SOT23 DIP Breakout Board - ON SALE
DIP breakout board for SOT23 packages. This will work with MOSFETs, Transistors, Voltage Regulators, etc. Pins are 0.1" spaced for breadboard applications.
$7.07  $0.25
808 Ready to Ship!
Relay Board - ON SALE
The RelayBoard is an expandable board that with just 3 control pins, allows you to trigger until 8 relays per board.
$23.75  $12.00
2 Ready to Ship!
Mini Relay Shield for Garagino - ON SALE
The Mini Relay Shield allows to trigger external loads like lamps, fans, home appliances, garage doors, and other things, in an easy way.
$10.00  $7.50
2 Ready to Ship!
USB to Serial Converter (Garagino's programmer) - ON SALE
The USB Converter Serial (FT232RL) Rev1 has as its objective to convert USB to Serial communication. You can use it for communication (including programming) Microcontrollers.
$13.95  $10.50
3 Ready to Ship!
Garagino - ON SALE
Garagino is an Arduino UNO Compatible board developed by GarageLab team for makers who want smaller and cheaper prototypes.
$10.95  $8.00
4 Ready to Ship!
Relay Shield - ON SALE
Trigger external loads like lamps, fans, home appliances, garage doors, and other things, in an easy way using this Relay Shield.
$13.65  $7.00
1 Ready to Ship!
microSD Breakout - ON SALE
This simple board breaks out the pins of a microSD card connector to a 0.1″ pin spacing that is compatible with standard perfboards, solderless breadboards, and 0.1" connectors.
$3.95  $2.00
7 Ready to Ship!
H8054 Mini Pyroelectric Motion Detector Module - ON SALE
The H8054 PIR motion detection module provides basic motion detection in a small package. Compatible with the Arduino and Raspberry Pi
$12.60  $9.50
12 Ready to Ship!
HC-SR501 Adjustable PIR Motion Detector - ON SALE
The HC-SR501 is a passive infro-red (PIR) sensor which is used to detect motion based on the infrared heat in the surrounding area.
$6.15  $2.62
12 Ready to Ship!
MICO Arduino Cell Phone Interface Shield
MICO makes it easy for your Arduino project to interact with people over a phone call. Get your MICO and focus on your awesome project!
$30.66  $23.00
6 Ready to Ship!
These are our current on sale boards and modules.
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New Items
CUSTOM Prebuilt - IG42-SB4 4WD ATR Platform with Rollcage

Ready to ship All-Terrain 4WD Robot Platform. This robot has 122RPM motors, and can handle most terrain with ease! A rollcage offers additional protection!

1 Ready to Ship!
NEW Prebuilt MLT-JR Wireless Tracked Development Robot

This is a MLT-JR tracked programmable robot platform and is equipped with 32mm motors, motor controller, and Arduino. This Arduino robot can be programmed to be a autonomous robot.

1 Ready to Ship!
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