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Miscellaneous items that are helpful in robot building as well as SuperDroid swag and used or opened items.

The answers to the most common questions we get can be found on our support pages. Building a robot from scratch? We have instructional videos to get you going!

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Miscellaneous Items
Miscellaneous Items
Miscellaneous robotics related items such as apparel, and manuals.
Used and Surplus Items
Used and Surplus Items
This group of products are used items or prototypes of items that we no longer use. We have discounted them for great deals. Keep checking back to this category as we add items.
Tools and Prototyping
Tools and Prototyping
Robot building tools from soldering irons to screwdrivers and multimeters.
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Pololu Premium Jumper Wire 50-Piece Rainbow Assortment F-F 6"
These premium jumper wires are stranded 26 awg wires with * female terminations on both ends*, for use with 0.1" (2.54 mm) male headers and breadboards. The assortment of *6" (15 cm)* wires includes five each of 10 different colors.
34 Ready to Ship!
SportBEC Switch-mode BEC - Double
Double SportBEC Switch-mode BEC mounted on a custom PCB.
1 Ready to Ship!
Superdroid Robots T-shirt
A new design! Get your very own SuperDroid Robots T-Shirt. These are high grade cotton shirts printed on the front and back.
10 Ready to Ship!
EDTP Wireless Lan Development  Board and More...
This is the EDTP AirDrop-F Wireless Lan Development Board. We have the TEW-222CF WiFi CompactFlash Network Card and a development board we made.
1 Ready to Ship!
40W Soldering Iron
Lightweight, Bakelite construction. This is recommended for any SuperDroid Electronics Kit that requires soldering.
4 Ready to Ship!
D-Link Wireless 108G Notebook Adapter - OPEN BOX
D-Link Xtreme G Wireless Notebook Adapter to the IEEE 802.11g standard.
1 Ready to Ship!
Campbell Hausfeld inline Filter
Campbell Hausfeld inline Filter
1 Ready to Ship!
7 Chan High Cur TTL Driver with 4 Power 5V Relays
This is a High current driver that will take the 5V TTL signal from your OOPic, Basic Stamp, etc and drive any all of the 4 relays. 3 other channels are left open for other applications. It includes status LEDs for each input.
1 Ready to Ship!
Desolder Braid 2mm wide
When placed on a solder connection and heated; this rosin coated copper braid will draw up the melted solder. 4ft on a plastic spool. Ideal for PC board repair, field service, etc.
18 Ready to Ship!
Property Protected by Robots Sign
Aluminum Reflective Sign. Warning - Property protected by Robots.
1 Ready to Ship!
Heat Sink Thermal Compound
Improve the performance of your heat sink with this thermal paste compound.
9 Ready to Ship!
Compact Solder Sucker
7-3/4" Long Teflon Tip & Aluminum Body Compact Solder Sucker.
6 Ready to Ship!
Brushless Cooling Fan, 40mm 24VDC - OPEN BOX
This is a Used Brushless Cooling Fan measuring 40mmX40mmX10mm square and is powered by 24VDC.
$8.95  $4.48
16 Ready to Ship!
SuperDroid Robots Trekker T-Shirt
Get you very own SuperDroid Robots T-Shirt. These are high grade cotton shirts printed on the front and back.
$10.00  $5.00
26 Ready to Ship!
IC Extraction Tool
This IC extraction tool is helpful in removing IC chips without damaging the pins or chip.
97 Ready to Ship!
Soldering Aid Kit
This kit facilitates any soldering during board assembly, repair etc.
1 Ready to Ship!
Wire Strippers and Cutters
Wire Strippers/Cutters. The wire cutters/strippers feature adjustable screw control, return spring, and strips wire from 10-30 AWG.
5 Ready to Ship!
Wire D-Sub Crimping Tool
This crimps the terminals on the wires for the Robot Kits.
13 Ready to Ship!
1 oz tube of 0.031" diameter 60%Sn/40%Pb solder to let you solder any SuperDroid electronic kit together.
2 Ready to Ship!
Miscellaneous items that are helpful in robot building as well as SuperDroid swag and used or opened items.
News and Updates
New Items
NEW CUSTOM Prebuilt GPK-32 Wireless Inspection Robot in Tactical Black

This complete inspection robot package includes Dewalt Battery Mount, 2 Dewalt Batteries and a charger, RunCam2 camera and high power LED lights. It records in HD 1080p. This inspection robot is painted in Tactical Black.

1 Ready to Ship!
RoboteQ MGS1600GY Magnetic Guide Sensor with Custom Mounting Bracket - OPEN BOX

Open Box - The MGS1600GY is a sensor capable of detecting and reporting the position of a magnetic field (typically magnetic tape on the floor) along its horizontal axis. with custom aluminum mounting bracket

$425.00  $340.00
1 Ready to Ship!
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