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Motor mounts

These are the motor plates and tubing frames that we use to mount motors in some of our robot kits. They are used to mount our IG32, IG42, and IG52 motors and our ATR wheel and shaft sets.

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Large Gear Motor Housing for TD-016 - IG42 SB
This is a large gear motor housing. It is sized to go with our large IG42 gear motors.
Built to Order
1-3 Days
These are the motor plates and machined tubes that we use when mounting motors in our robots.
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Solid-State ToF Infrared LiDAR CE30-A - OPEN BOX

Slightly Used Solid-State ToF Infrared LiDAR CE30-A with custom aluminum mounting bracket and cables.

$999.00  $799.00
1 Ready to Ship!
IPS - Indoor Navigation Positioning System DSP Starter Set NIA v5.07

Indoor GPS Starter Kit featuring one Modem and five Beacons to get your project running. Accurately position your robot to a couple centimeters indoors! Kit includes one modem, 4 standard beacons and 1 beacon with built in IMU.

6 Ready to Ship!
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