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Arduino Programmable Robots

Programmable robots that use authentic Arduinos. These mobile UGV robots have an Arduino for their controller. SuperDroid Robots is an authorized distributor of Arduino. These Arduino robots are easy to program and feature a powerful processor allowing the user to create programs for an autonomous robot.

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Configurable - Programmable Mecanum Wheel Vectoring Robot - IG42 DB
This is a 4WD programmable robot kit that uses Nexus mecanum wheels. It can handle large payloads and vector in any direction. It is an Arduino robot platform for indoor robotics. This kit can be used for autonomous development.
Built to Order: 3-7 Days
Configurable - Programmable Mecanum Wheel Vectoring Robot - IG52 DB
This is a chain drive 4WD base Programmable robot kit that uses 8" Nexus mecanum wheels allowing it to vector in any direction. It can support payloads up to 200 lbs. This kit can be used for autonomous development.
Built to Order: 3-7 Days
Configurable - Programmable MLT-JR Tracked Development Robot
This is a MLT-JR tracked programmable robot platform and is equipped with 32mm motors, motor controller, and Arduino. This Arduino robot can be programmed to be a autonomous robot.
Built to Order: 3-7 Days
Arduino Robot with US Plug
This authentic Arduino Robot is the first official Arduino on wheels. The Programmable robot has two processors. The Control Board reads sensors and decides how to operate. This robot can be made into an Autonomous Robot. Model: A001078.
9 Ready to Ship!
Configurable - Programmable Triangular Omni Wheel Vectoring Robot - IG32 DM
A programmable triangular omni vectoring robot platform kit that uses Nexus omni wheels. Its a great light duty robot kit great for indoor robotics that can vector in any direction. Option of Arduino for making an autonomous robot.
Built to Order: 3-7 Days
Pololu Zumo Robot Kit for Arduino
This combination deal contains most of the parts you need to build an Zumo Arduino robot. It consists of a Zumo Shield for Arduino, a Zumo chassis kit, and a Zumo blade. This programmable robot can be used as an autonomous robot.
15 Ready to Ship!
Configurable - Programmable WiFi Mobile 4WD Robot Development Platform - IG32 DM
This Arduino robot features an Arduino Mega, programmable WiFi package, IR camera, and video server. This Programmable robot is great for mobile surveillance and academic applications. With extra Sensors, this could be made into an autonomous robot.
Built to Order: 3-6 Weeks
Programmable Robots.  These mobile UGV Arduino robots can be made into an Autonomous robot.
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NEW CUSTOM Prebuilt - Fully Loaded GPK-42 Inspection Robot

Inspect hard to reach areas such as crawlspaces with this complete inspection robot package. Includes all the optional features including: DeWalt batteries, debris guard, roll cage, wheelie bars, and travel case!

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Mobile UVC Light Platform - Remote control FPV System

This is a UV sterilizing robot that uses six germicidal UVC light bulbs. UVC light can kill bacteria and viruses, making it ideal for disinfection. The ultraviolet lights activate with the flip of a switch, lowering the risk of exposure!

Built to Order
3-6 Weeks
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