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Sensor Brackets

These are brackets that are used to house or support sensors we sell.

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LIDAR-Lite Mounting Bracket
144 Ready to Ship!
Single MaxBotix Sonar Servo Arm Bracket
This Bracket is to mount Maxbotix Sonar Sensor to a standard servo arm. All the hardware and the bracket is provided. The servo arm and sensor are not provided.
203 Ready to Ship!
Electronic Compass Bracket and Mast
This is a bracket to mount your electronic compass on and keep it away from any metal. The bracket is made from laser cut acrylic and it mounts to a nylon mast.
8 Ready to Ship!
UVTRON Standard Bracket - ON SALE
This bracket holds the Hamamatsu UVTron Flame Detector Kit. It will mount to either the Single Scanner Servo Arm Bracket a Dual Scanner Servo Arm Bracket.
$12.95  $6.50
2 Ready to Ship!
Single Scanner Servo Arm Bracket
This Bracket is to mount a Sharp GP2D12 IR detector or a Devantech SRF04 Ultrasonic ranger to a standard servo arm. The servo arm is not provided.
2 Ready to Ship!
SuperDroid Robots -  Sensor Brackets of all kinds for any sensor mounting application
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4 Inch Omni Wheel and Aluminum Hub Set

This is a set containing a 4 Inch Omni Wheel and a 6mm Nexus Robot Aluminum Wheel Hub. It is intended for use with our Triangular Omni Wheel Robot. The aluminum hub couples directly to the 6mm IG32 motor shaft.

Built to Order
0-1 Days
VIPR-L Configurable Heavy-Duty Indoor Autonomous Platform

An Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR) that offers the flexibility of a viper in both development and design. Capable of creating its own path in both known and unknown areas. SLAM and other sensors allow for accurate obstacle avoidance!

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