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Sensor Brackets

These are brackets that are used to house or support sensors we sell.

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LIDAR-Lite Mounting Bracket
141 Ready to Ship!
Single MaxBotix Sonar Servo Arm Bracket
This Bracket is to mount Maxbotix Sonar Sensor to a standard servo arm. All the hardware and the bracket is provided. The servo arm and sensor are not provided.
203 Ready to Ship!
Electronic Compass Bracket and Mast
This is a bracket to mount your electronic compass on and keep it away from any metal. The bracket is made from laser cut acrylic and it mounts to a nylon mast.
9 Ready to Ship!
UVTRON Standard Bracket - ON SALE
This bracket holds the Hamamatsu UVTron Flame Detector Kit. It will mount to either the Single Scanner Servo Arm Bracket a Dual Scanner Servo Arm Bracket.
$12.95  $6.50
2 Ready to Ship!
Single Scanner Servo Arm Bracket
This Bracket is to mount a Sharp GP2D12 IR detector or a Devantech SRF04 Ultrasonic ranger to a standard servo arm. The servo arm is not provided.
2 Ready to Ship!
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NEW Prebuilt - MLT-42-F Tracked Platform

A ready to ship prebuilt tracked robot. It features IG42 122RPM Gear motors. Controller, battery, and charger included.

1 Ready to Ship!
RPLIDAR S1 - 360 degree 40 meter 2D LIDAR Outdoor Available

RPLIDAR S1 LIDAR is a 360-degree 2D outdoor laser range scanner (LIDAR)

5 Ready to Ship!
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