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These are specialized robots that are purpose-built for a particular task. Use these robots to cut grass, plow snow, pour yourself a beer, etc.

We have listed the standard robot packages in this store category. However, if you don't see a robot that will help you out please let us know. We can provide custom solutions and provide any kind of robot you need. Just let us know your needs/requirements and we will be glad to help you out.

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Mobile UVC Light Platform - Remote control FPV System
This is a UV sterilizing robot that uses six germicidal UVC light bulbs. UVC light can kill bacteria and viruses, making it ideal for disinfection. The ultraviolet lights activate with the flip of a switch, lowering the risk of exposure!
Built to Order: 3-6 Weeks
Configurable - Lawn Mower Chassis Upfit Robot Package - WheelChair Motor System
This is something every homeowner needs! This is a kit that will convert a 21" Lawnmower into a robot that can be driven with remote control. This is our Rev 2 Mower. It is faster, more powerful, and has a longer run time.
Built to Order: 2-4 Weeks
RealCow Robotic System
RealCow Robotic System
Contact RealCow Training: 8 weeks
RC 4WD Robot with Snow Blower
This is a custom 4-wheel drive snow removal remote control robot snowblower, which includes snow blower. The power of this robot will allow you to clear your driveway or sidewalk while you stay in the comfort of your home or business.
Built to Order: 4-8 Weeks
Configurable - 4WD RC Snow Plow Robot Platform - WC DB
This is a SDR 4-wheel drive remote control robot snowplow kit. This is the new and improved design with powerful wheelchair motors and a 42" plow. Plow your driveway while you stay warm inside.
Built to Order: 4-8 Weeks
Keg-a-Droid 2WD Mobile Robot Platform - IG52
Have a robot bring you a beer! This is our mobile robot platform that is equipped with a kegerator. With Keg-a-Droid you can move the party anywhere. All you'll need is the beer.
Built to Order: 1-3 Weeks
NEW Prebuilt 2WD Keg-a-Droid Mobile Robot Platform - IG42 SB
Have a robot bring you a beer! This is a prebuilt version of our mobile robot platform equipped with a keg tap system and a keg shell ice bucket. Get a sixth barrel keg and some ice, and you're ready to go.
1 Ready to Ship!
2WD 66in Lawn Mower - WC
This is our largest remote control lawn mower. With a 66 inch deck, it will cut your grass in no time. It is assembled and ready to ship.
Built to Order: 6-8 Weeks
These are specialized robots that are purpose built.  The robots are built for a specialized purpose.  Use these robots to cut the yard, plow the snow, pour yourself a beer, etc.
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CUSTOM Prebuilt - 4WD ATR Platform with Wheelchair Motors

Custom ready to ship all-terrain robot. This heavy-duty robotic platform is powered by wheelchair motors and is built to handle difficult terrain. Fast, powerful, and capable of carrying large payloads, this is an ideal all purpose robotic platform!

1 Ready to Ship!
SPAR - Autonomous Indoor/Outdoor Security Robot

AMR (Autonomous Mobile Robot) for patrols and security. Options for object detection, automated pathing, indoor/outdoor functionality are available.

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