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Demo Tactical Robots

Prebuilt and Demo First Responders Tactical Robots

Police, Fire, Rescue, Military, HAZMAT, Tactical Robots built specifically to provide video and audio surveillance for dangerous/hazardous situations keeping people out of harm's way. These robots are pre-built and ready to run. Some are brand new robots. Others are demo robots that are slightly used. Because of this, they may be out on demo and not immediately available. Please contact us for availability.

SuperDroid Robots builds all its robots to order. The robots found in this store category are already built and ready to go. If you want a robot built to your specifications and requirements, please visit our new website.

We have moved all our tactical robots to a dedicated site:

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NEW Prebuilt LT2-F "Bloodhound" Light Tactical Support Robot Package
This is our LT2-F NIST qualified security robot with an enclosed robot chassis with rear flippers/stabilizers, camera tilt system, custom controller, video console, and battery charging station.
1 Ready to Ship!
Used Refurbished HD2-S Robot with 5 Axis Arm
This is our prebuilt HD2-S robot modified with a 5 axis robotic manipulator arm. This robot has be loaded with all the options and is ready to ship.
$32,698.50  $14,900.00
DEMO: 30-45 Days
NEW Prebuilt Wi-Fi Enclosed 4WD Tactical Robot with Tablet Controller - IG42 SB
A Prebuilt Enclosed wheeled robot platform. Equipped with an enclosed aluminum weather resistant chassis, four 42mm gear motors, custom 27x PTZ camera system, and fully assembled, ready to run. Perfect for indoor and/or outdoor surveillance or inspection.
1 Ready to Ship!
DEMO Prebuilt MLT-F Analog System
PREBUILT MLT-F compact tactical surveillance robot weighs less than 8lbs. Treaded design and rear flipper arms allow this robot to climb many obstacles. Includes LED lights, microphone, and storage case. Also known as our Jack Russel Robot.
$5,806.43  $5,199.00
DEMO ROBOT: Availability 5-45 days
New, demo and refurbished tactical robots.  SWAT robots, UGV's  and surveillance robots ranging from compact sizes to large configurations.
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NEW Prebuilt MLT-JR Wireless Tracked Development Robot

This is a MLT-JR tracked programmable robot platform and is equipped with 32mm motors, motor controller, and Arduino. This Arduino robot can be programmed to be a autonomous robot.

1 Ready to Ship!
NEW Prebuilt - All-Terrain Tracked Platform with DeWalt Adapter

Ready to ship prebuilt tracked platform with DeWalt battery adapter. This lightweight platform uses IG42 122 RPM motors, all-terrain tracks, and an RC control system. Powered by standard DeWalt batteries for ease of use.

1 Ready to Ship!
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