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Tamiya Kits for Students and Beginners

Our Tamiya robot kits are perfect for teachers and parents looking to teach kids the fundamentals of robotics. These Tamiya models are not only educational, but simple to put together and fun to operate.

If you're looking for a mobile robot platform that you can program and customize, visit our Programmable Robots category. We also have wheeled robot kits and treaded robot kits available for academic, surveillance, and inspection applications.

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Tamiya Wheel Walker Robot
Equipped with Eco motor gearbox and transfer power to the front and rear wheels using a ladder chain. To prevent tipping over when using on uneven surfaces. Up and down movement of the wheel changes by changing the mounting position of the shaft.
$50.00  $40.00
11 Ready to Ship!
Tamiya Mechanical Turtle - Four Leg Crawling Type Robot Kit
This four-legged Mechanical Turtle crawls when motor rotation is transferred to the legs via crank plates and linkage rods. The front leg plate is attached with a ball joint that serves as a fulcrum to imitate a real turtle.
$18.50  $14.80
29 Ready to Ship!
Tamiya Sumo Wrestler Robot with Wind up Generator
Have your own Sumo Wrestling Match with this sumo-robot, powered by a hand-crank: the faster you crank the harder it pushes.
$41.00  $32.80
11 Ready to Ship!
Tamiya Mechanical Tiger Four Leg Walking Type Robot Kit
Tamiya now presents the Mechanical Tiger as its next addition to the Robocraft Series. Power from the rotating motor is transferred to the legs via crank plates to make the tiger walk.
$19.50  $15.60
7 Ready to Ship!
Tamiya Mechanical Ostrich Two Leg Walking Type Robot Kit
Tamiya presents its next Robocraft Series item, the 2-leg walking-type Mechanical Ostrich. Motor rotating power is transferred to the legs via crank plates to make the ostrich walk.
$18.50  $14.80
30 Ready to Ship!
Tamiya Mechanical Giraffe Four Leg Walking Type Robot Kit
Tamiya presents its next Robocraft Series item, the 4-leg walking-type Mechanical Giraffe. Motor rotating power is transferred to the legs via crank plates to make the Giraffe walk.
$18.50  $14.80
23 Ready to Ship!
Tamiya Stag Beetle 2 Channel RC Robot Kit
This new Robocraft Series item is perfect for young aspiring robot builders.
$48.00  $38.40
17 Ready to Ship!
Tamiya Rhinoceros Beetle 2 channel RC Robot Kit
Take control of this Rhinoceros Beetle robot via the included 2-channel remote controller.
$48.00  $38.40
13 Ready to Ship!
Tamiya Solar Car Toyota RaRa X
Debuting in the 1992 Solar Car Rally In Noto, Japan, the Toyota RaRa X introduced it's four-wheel design in the typically three-wheeled competition.
$31.00  $24.80
6 Ready to Ship!
Robot Construction Set DX - 4ch Remote Control
Tamiya is proud to announce the Remote Control Robot Construction Set DX, the latest addition to our unique Educational Construction Series.
$112.00  $97.00
1 Ready to Ship!
Remote Control Robot Construction Set Crawler Type
This Tamiya set includes all basic parts needed to build a crawler-type remote control robot. Three Robot Kits in one.
$57.00  $49.00
8 Ready to Ship!
Tamiya Mechanical Racehorse - Galloping Type Robot Kit
The latest and fastest release in the Robocraft Series, this galloping racehorse with jockey is loads of fun to build, loads of fun to play with, and educational too!
$19.50  $16.50
26 Ready to Ship!
Tamiya Remote Control Rescue Crawler Robot Kit
This R/C robot crawler features 3 pairs of tracks enabling it to crawl over even the roughest of surfaces. Front 2 tracks can raise up to 80 degrees and lower as much as 20 degrees, allowing it to cross barriers that would stop a normal R/C vehicle.
$85.00  $68.00
7 Ready to Ship!
Tamiya Sliding Mouse - Vibrating Action Robot Kit
Internal motor spins a cylindrical plate with a weight (a screw) placed on one side creating an up down rapid vibrating movement. This vibration is then conveyed to 3 rods that smoothly propel the model forward in a sliding type movement.
$13.00  $10.40
32 Ready to Ship!
Tamiya Mechanical Pig with Shaking Head Robot Kit
Introducing the latest addition to the popular Robocraft Series, the Mechanical Pig with shaking head action. Pig's body and head parts have been molded with pink semi-transparent plastic, giving the pig a futuristic look.
$19.50  $15.60
28 Ready to Ship!
Tamiya Remote Controlled Forklift Truck Robot Kit
Utilizing a 3-channel, self-centering remote system, the Remote Controlled Forklift moves forward/reverse, left/right and the fork moves up/down. The fork is moved by the use of a threaded rod, giving the forklift the ability to lift up to 100g.
$51.00  $40.80
9 Ready to Ship!
Tamiya Remote Power Shovel/Dozer Robot Kit
A common vehicle at construction sites, the Power Shovel/Dozer kit moves like its full-scale counterpart. The 3-channel remote system enables forward/reverse and left/right movement and it also raises the shovel up and down.
$51.00  $40.80
4 Ready to Ship!
Tamiya Remote Control Robot Construction Set
This kit provides parts for wheeled remote control robot. Twin-motor gearbox, crank-axle gearbox, remote control box, ball caster, tires, and all the parts to make several great projects.
$58.00  $46.40
12 Ready to Ship!
Tamiya Mechanical Beetle (Obstacle Evading Type) Autonomous Robot Kit
This amazing beetle-robot walks with its four legs while swinging its horn. When it bumps into an obstacle, it turns around automatically and will continue walking.
$18.50  $14.80
28 Ready to Ship!
Tamiya Tracked Vehicle Chassis Kit
The Tracked Vehicle Chassis traverses over objects in its path and rough terrain. Use this kit as a stand-alone or combine it with other accessories making a more complex machine with more capabilities
$22.00  $17.60
26 Ready to Ship!
Tamiya 4WD Chassis Kit
This is a kit that you assemble and learn about building 4WD transmissions. The kit includes the tires, chassis, gears and motor.
$29.00  $23.20
25 Ready to Ship!
Tamiya Insect Soccer Player (Remote Control) Robot Kit
Thanks to a 2-channel remote control, you can make your mechanical insect move forward/backward or make it turn to the left and to the right.
$41.00  $32.80
9 Ready to Ship!
Tamiya Line Tracing Snail Autonomous Robot Kit
The Line Tracing Snail uses a special LED sensor to detect a black line (magic marker, etc.) drawn on a white background.
$43.00  $34.40
7 Ready to Ship!
Tamiya Boxing Fighter (Remote Control) Robot Kit
The boxing fighter features a twin motor gear box enabling this little boxer to punch while moving backwards, forwards or turning to the left or right. Hitting the face of an opposing fighter enough times will cause them to fall over.
$39.00  $31.20
8 Ready to Ship!
Tamiya Mechanical Rabbit Robot Kit
Get ready, because here comes a super fun to assemble, super fast, super colorful Mechanical Rabbit. Motor rotating power is transferred to the legs via crank plates to make the rabbit hop.
$19.50  $15.60
28 Ready to Ship!
Tamiya Mechanical Kangaroo Robot Kit
When walking slowly, it also uses its front legs (just like they do down under) and when running quickly, it uses its tail for balance.
$18.50  $14.80
30 Ready to Ship!
Tamiya Mechanical Dog Robot Kit
The dog walks by transferring motor revolution to reciprocating motion via crank and linkage rod. Main body and legs are made of transparent yellow parts to allow viewing of internal mechanisms.
$18.50  $14.80
31 Ready to Ship!
These Tamyia robot kits are fun inexpensive kits you can build to begin learning about robotics, mechanical gears and mechanisms.
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NEW Prebuilt LT2-F Tracked ATR Robot Platform

This is a fully assembled LT2-F robot platform. It is our second generation of the LT robot. It is the same chassis and has the same mechanical components as our tactical LT2-F robot. The LT2 is lighter than the HD2 treaded robot.

1 Ready to Ship!
NEW Prebuilt HD2 Treaded ATR Tank Robot Platform

The HD2 tracked platform is a large, heavy duty tracked robot with the power to pull a truck and climb stairs. A wealth of internal space allows for batteries, controls and an optional computer. Customized version of item TP-200-001.

1 Ready to Ship!
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