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Hot Glue Gun - ON SALE
Hot glue gun. This is recommended for assembly or robots, put on wires, hardware, etc. to prevent them from vibrating free. AC110V-220V 10W. Two Glue Sticks included.
$6.99  $5.25
9 Ready to Ship!
Ace 5 in 1 Wire Stripper and Cutter - ON SALE
This 5 in 1 Ace Wire Stripper has the following: crimp for non-insulated terminals, crimp for insulated terminals, wire cutter, bolt cutter, and wire stripper.
$7.49  $5.50
32 Ready to Ship!
56 Piece Syba Robot Tool Set - ON SALE
This professional 56 piece robot tool set includes the tools needed to assemble a robot.
$43.95  $33.00
7 Ready to Ship!
40W Soldering Iron - ON SALE
Lightweight, Bakelite construction. This is recommended for any SuperDroid Electronics Kit that requires soldering.
$12.40  $9.25
4 Ready to Ship!
IC Extraction Tool - ON SALE
This IC extraction tool is helpful in removing IC chips without damaging the pins or chip.
$1.75  $1.25
96 Ready to Ship!
Soldering Aid Kit - ON SALE
This kit facilitates any soldering during board assembly, repair etc.
$6.99  $5.25
1 Ready to Ship!
Wire Strippers and Cutters - ON SALE
Wire Strippers/Cutters. The wire cutters/strippers feature adjustable screw control, return spring, and strips wire from 10-30 AWG.
$4.99  $3.75
5 Ready to Ship!
Here you will find robot building tools from soldering irons to screwdrivers and multimeters.
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NEW Prebuilt - 4WD IG42-SB-T Custom Size Robot

A ready to ship prebuilt All-Terrain 4WD robot. It features 10" pneumatic tires and IG42 078RPM Gear motors. Controller, battery, and charger included. Also included is a cover with 80/20 1" extruded aluminum rails.

1 Ready to Ship!
NEW Prebuilt - All-Terrain Tracked Platform with DeWalt Adapter

Ready to ship prebuilt tracked platform with DeWalt battery adapter. This lightweight platform uses IG42 122 RPM motors, all-terrain tracks, and an RC control system. Powered by standard DeWalt batteries for ease of use.

1 Ready to Ship!
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