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Autonomous Robotics Engineering Services
Autonomous Robots

Autonomous Robotics Engineering Services

Autonomous robots are a unique and dificult challenge by any measure. They requre a precise blend of mechanical, electrical, and software engineering. We have developed robots that can autonomously scan areas and output calculations and other data, perform tasks and repeat them once learned, and conduct surveillance and image recognitiion. Below are some examples of autonomous solutions we have developed for customers. Several of our projects can not be discussed due to their confidential nature. If you have a robot that you need designed and programmed, please contact us, we will be glad to sign NDAs, etc. to protect your intellectual property.

Are you interested in building your own autonomous robot? Check out our How to Build a Robot and Building an Autonomous Robot support pages.

SuperDroid Robots Capabilities

SuperDroid Robots has been programming autonomous robots for decades. Whether it is a simple microcontroller, or a full blown computer(s) running ROS with SLAM, we have done it.

Professional Project Examples

Project WingWalker

This is a robot we built in conjunction with another company for the US Air Force. The scope of the project was to have a robot autonomously scan the entire surface with an ultrasonic sensor in order to measure the corrosion of the rivets and wing panels. The robot achieved this by positioning itself using two lasers on the front and back of the robot. They would locate the known points and then robot then triangulate its position and report back to the onboard computer. The computer would then plot the next path and confirm distance traveled using a combination of encoders and and IMU system.

Autonomous Robots

The video above shows this robot's capabilities.

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Project Pressure WashBot

The scope of this project was to autonomously control a 360 degree pressure washer nozzle in order to clean the inside of industrial boilers. Controlled over a thethered cable, the controller can set criteria such as the degrees the nozzle shall travel, number of passes before incrementing its position, distance to increment position between passes and inspection intervals where a nose camera would extend from the front of the robot and survey the progress. This is done in order to give the opperator the option to repeat the previous command if it is deemed necessary.

Due to the high pressure used on the system, a system of interlocks was implemented to insure that the robot would opperate safely and to prevent damage to itself as well as prevent injury to the operator.

Autonomous Robots
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Project Heavy Lifter

We partnered with another company to develop a set of large robot platforms. They had an on board computer, 3D camera, SICK Lidar and GPS. The motors were hub driven and each wheel was mounted to stepper motor to allow to robot to drive in any direction.

Large Autonomous Robot
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Project Border Patrol

We built a series of surveillance and image recognition robots for border patrol purposes. There were 6 pan and tilt units on each robot capable of 360 degree pan and 180 degree tilt. A high quality camera with 60 X optical zoom was mounted to each pan and tilt unit. Sonar and Laser were also mounted to each pan and tilt for more sensor data. There was a compass, IMU, Scanning Laser Rangefinder, and GPS designed into the robot to aid in autonomous navigation. Three on board computers were used for image recognition and autonomous navigation. A large rack of removable batteries was designed into the chassis for 8 hours of continuous run time.

Border Patrol Robot

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Autonomous robots are a challenge as they require a precise blend of mechanical, electrical, and software engineering. We have the capabilities to design and develop the autonomous solutions you require.
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