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Autonomous Robots Overview

Autonomous robots are, put simply, robots with the ability to observe their environment and react accordingly. This means that the robot can gather information and use that information to make a decision, then follow through on that decision. Much like how humans use their five senses to perceive their surroundings, robots can use a variety of sensors to do the same.

SuperDroid Robots Inc. is capable of designing, programming, and fabricating a wide range of autonomous robots. We specialize in Unmanned Ground Vehicles, or UGV's. These robots can accomplish a variety of tasks, such as object identification, traveling to coordinates, following designated objects, and more. This page is dedicated to helping our clients better understand the capabilities of our autonomous robots, as well as assist with ordering your own. If you'd like to start your custom robot request, click here!

Types of Autonomous Robots

When it comes to autonomous robots there is a wide spectrum. They can range in complexity, capability, and design. From semi-autonomous to fully autonomous. Robots can range from ones that follow and repeat a set of simple commands, to complex robots that actively observe and react to their environment. If you'd like to learn more about the variety of autonomous robots, click the button below and visit our in-depth guide!


Custom Autonomous Robots

SuperDroid Robots Inc. has been a key player in the robotics industry for over twenty years. In that time, we've worked with a wide variety of clients and created a lot of unique autonomous robots. Some of our more notable clients include Disney, Boeing, the US Air Force, and even NASA! We specialize in designing custom robotics based on your needs. Check out some of our previous custom autonomous systems below!

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How to Order an Autonomous Robot from SuperDroid Robots

SuperDroid Robots Inc. has a wide range of autonomous robots available for purchase, along with our custom orders. Each of our autonomous kits have a range of options and features that can be tailored to your needs. If you'd like to learn more about our kits and how to order your robot, click the button below!

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Autonomous Robot Components and Sensors

Building your own autonomous robot? Trying to determine what kind of sensors to use, or components would work best? We're here to help! SuperDroid has a collection of helpful guides on a wide range of autonomous system components!

Sensor Overview

This is a high level overview of the various sensors commonly used in robotic applications.

Sensor Selection

This is a practical guide to selecting sensors for your project. For each sensor there is a breakdown of the physical parameters measured, the optimal operating conditions, and the pros/cons of the technology. This guide covers basic sensors such as ultrasonic range finders and wheel encoders as well as more complex ones such as 3D LIDAR and depth cameras.

Electronic Control Units

This is a practical guide to selecting electronic control units for your project. For each type of controller there is a breakdown of the capabilities and requirements.

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Have questions? Need additional sample code to get you going? Please visit our forums to post about your project or to request additional sample code.

Bought one of our robots? Want to make it autonomous? Start here! We walk you through design decisions and the required components for you to develop your own autonomous robot.
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