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DM (Direct Mount) ATR Support


The DM (Direct Mount) ATRs smaller lightweight platforms that do not have the same clearance or capacity as the larger ATRs, but perform exceptionally well. They are all direct drive with the wheel axles mounted directly to the motor output shafts. This means that the motor shafts absorb the entire weight of the robot, which is why they cannot support heavy loads. These robots, however, are a less expensive option since there are fewer and less complex parts. The chassis require minimal to no welding making them very cost effective. Also, since they are small and lightweight, they are very manueverable and easy to control and they can fit in spaces that some of the larger robots cannot. There are a lot of options and additions you can select, the links of all the items are included below. Follow the links for details of each item and option.

SDR Wheeled Robot Categories
Mount Method
(32mm Motors)
(42mm Motors)
(52mm Motors)
DM (Direct Mount) 10 lbs. - -
SB (Single Bearing) 75 lbs. 100 lbs. 125 lbs.
DB (Dual Bearing) - 200 lbs. 250 lbs.
*This is the maximum weight that the robot can handle. Please note that this weight varies widely upon the robot's configuration and the surface on which it is driven. Read below for more information.

The base is 10" x 8.5". The sides of the aluminum base are 1.75" high (bottom edge to top surface). When used with the 4" Shaft and wheel sets it has a ground clearance of about 1 1/4". The width with the wheels is about 14.5" and the length is about 12.5". If the top platform is used the overall height works out to be about 5.75".

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We offer a few different DM platforms. They are all made of aluminum that is cut on our CNC plasma table and bent on our CNC break press and are designed for IG32 and IG32P gear motors.

  • 4WD Compact IG32 DM: This chassis is made out of 3/32" aluminum, has bent sides and welded corners, and an open bottom.
  • Vectoring IG32 DM: This chassis is similar to the 4WD Compact IG32 DM chassis but is designed to accommodate mecanum wheels allowing the robot to vector.
  • Trianglular Omni Wheel IG32 DM: This is a 3WD chassis designed to use omni wheels that allow the robot to vector.
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Motors and Motor Mounts

Two different motor sizes are available for this kit. Both motors work well. The larger motors will deliver more power for climbing, etc, but will draw more current from the batteries. You will need four motors (one per wheel).

No Motor housings are necessary with this kit, the platform has mounting holes already in it to hold the four motors.

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Wheels and Drive Shafts

As mentioned above, there are a few types of wheel and drive shafts for the different robot chassis. The following wheel and drive shaft sets for these robots:

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The final item you need to make you kit complete is a hardware package. It includes nuts, bolts washers, nylon spacers (for isolating your electronics and controller boards), cable ties, and cable hold downs.

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Picture Gallery

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This page discusses the mechanical details of our line of compact robots. Our compact all terrain robots are built to be small, yet, efficient robots.
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