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Electrical Schematics
Electrical Schematics

Electrical Schematics

This page contains electrical schematics for all SuperDroid Robots' projects.


You can take a look at our different MLT platforms. Here a few sample schematics (With batteries in series, parallel and single batteries.)

Vectoring Robot

You can find all of our vectoring robots by following this link .


If you are wondering how to connect encoders and RS232 to a Roboteq motor controller you can follow this schematics.


Here you can find a typical schematic for a Sabertooth motor controller.

Connection to a Motor Controller

Here a typical schematic to connect motors in parallel to a motor controller.

Wifi ATR

If you want to wire a wifi robot, here is a schematic for the Programable wifi package.

Mini IPS

Here is a schematic for the Mini IPS robot.

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Here you are going to find electrical schematics for SuperDroid Robots like the MLT, LT, HD2, vectoring robots, Wifi Robot, RoboteQ.
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