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Modified Standard Robot Platforms
Modified Standard Robots

Modified Standard Robot Platforms

These are a few of the robots we have built that show how we have modified our standard platforms to meet customers' needs. When you are making decisions about your robot keep in mind that we do all designing and manufacturing in-house. This allows you to customize a robot to your specifications without the customized price tag.

Are you interested in building your own custom robot? Check out our How to Build a Robot and How to Build an Inspection Robot support pages.


4WD ATR For 360 Video

This is a custom Heavy Duty All-Terrain Robot platform with 42mm gear motors. It has an oversize platform and a 5ft tall mast with a 1/4"-20 stud to mount a camera. It is intended for shooting 360 video. The camera is not included. It is the same chassis as our IG42 DB ATR but it has been resized larger.

Custom IG52 DB
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Amphibious IG42 Enclosed WiFi Robot

A customer asked for an amphibious robot with similar features to that of our IG42 Enclosed WiFi Robot. So we redesigned our IG42 Enclosed chassis to make it watertight and buoyant. This robot has four cameras, all of which can be viewed at the same time with the help of a Quad Processor. We like this robot so much we made it a standard item

Custom IG52 DB Custom IG52 DB
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IG52 with Upper Decks and Custom Roll Cage

This is our Heavy Duty IG52 DB robot platform that we built for a customer that wanted some of our offered add-on options as well as a custom roll cage. The upper deck and sensor roll cages provided the space they needed to mount all of their electronics while the roll cage, Rigid Bumper Assembly, and Skid Guard offered them the protection they needed from a crash or from driving on rough terrain.

Custom IG52 DB1 IG52 DB
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HD2 with wide chassis and Zippermast

This is our HD2 tracked robot platform to which we mounted a 12 ft. collapsible mast which held a FLIR thermal imaging camera. We used the wider version of the platform (a standard option) and modified the chassis to make room to mount the mast assembly.

Custom HD2 Custom HD2

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IG52 DB Mecanum Robot with Scissor Lift

This is our IG52 DB Mecanum Platform equipped with front and rear bumpers and an aluminum upper deck. We also fit it with our 58" Scissor Lift. This robot is controlled over WiFi and the 8 inch mecanum wheels allow it to support heavy loads and vector in any direction.

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Custom HD2 to Scan for Radioactive Material

This is our HD2 tracked robot platform that we widened to fit the sensors and other equipment used on this robot, which was used to scan over hillsides finding pieces of depleted uranium from explosives testing. Four Ludlum radiation detectors, a compass, encoders, and a GPS with wave-point correction were integrated together to pinpoint the location of hot areas on the hillsides. We provided the custom computer control interface that the user drove the robot with. The program recorded the movements, positions and sensor reading, battery voltage, incline, etc.


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Enclosed ATR Mining Robot

This is a modified version of our IG42 Enclosed ATR platform that was used to drive down a mine shaft in front of miners with a 5 foot tall post carrying sensors. Simple, Rugged, Reliable.

Mine robot Mine robot

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IG42 ATR with Scissor Lift

This customer wanted a scissor lift mounted on one of our standard All Terrain Robot platforms so we took our Standard IG42 ATR chassis and lengthened it to fit the lift. Resizing a chassis is a quick and easy modification for us and it gives you more flexibility in your robot.

Scissor Lift ATR Scissor Lift ATR

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IG32 ATR with Mecanum Wheels

This is our Standard IG32 ATR platform designed to accommodate Mecanum wheels that allow the robot to be driven side to side as well as forward and backward. The Mecanum wheels need to be positioned in a square to function properly so to do this we had to widen the standard chassis. We have now listed this as a standard kit. Click here to view this item.

IG32 Mecanum ATR IG32 Mecanum ATR

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IG42 ATR with Airsoft Gun

This is our IG42 ATR with Airsoft Gun<</a> platform with a mounted Airsoft gun.

IG42 Airsoft ATR IG42 Airsoft ATR

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IG42 ATR with Xbox Kinect

This is another

Standard IG42 ATR platform equipped with a mast mounted Xbox Kinect with a 360 degree pan.
Kinect Robot Kinect Robot

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IG42 SB Enclosed ATR Mining Robot

This customer wanted to inspect a mineshaft and needed a robot to drive several hundred feet. We outfitted them with our

IG42 SB Enclosed ATR with a fiber-optic tether for superior signal quality over long distances. It also features 10" tiller tires, a pan and tilt with a zoom camera, and a custom roll cage.
Mining Robot Mining Robot Mining Robot

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MLT Flame Thrower

This is our

MLT platform equipped with a flame thrower.
Flame Thrower Robot

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Other Robots

Here are some pictures of other custom robots that we have built around standard platforms:

6WD Boom Camera FDNY Robot Custom LT2-F Arm Custom HD2 Custom LT2-F Exploration Robot Mining Robot 6WD WiFi Robot Custom Robot Custom Robot Custom Robot Custom Chassis Robot

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These are some examples of some of our standard robot platforms that we have modified to meet customers' requirements. Keep in mind that since we do everything in-house, customization doesn't have to come with a high price tag.
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