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Custom Pipe and Vault Inspection Robots

Custom Pipe and Vault Inspection Robots


SuperDroid Robots has been designing and building custom robots since it opened for business in 2000. Pipe inspection robots are one of the types of custom robots we have designed and built many times. Our standard treaded robots such and the LT and HD2 have been used many times in larger pipe inspections. Smaller pipe inspections typically require custom design to the customer's needs. Since SuperDroid Robot's specializes in custom robots and custom fabrication, this process is often less expensive than buying other's "off the shelf solutions" that do not exactly meet your needs. Please contact us and we will be glad to help you with your custom solution.

Are you interested in building your own custom robot? Check out our How to Build a Robot and How to Build an Inspection Robot support pages.

Examples of Custom Pipe and Vault Inspection Robots

Tethered Adjustable Pipe Inspector

This robot is designed to be adjustable to fit inside pipes as small as 8 inches up to any size. This allows the camera to be centered in the middle of the pipe, regardless of its size. The camera will then pan and tilt in a sweeping motion capturing the video. The sweep motion is completely configurable up to 360 degree of pan/yaw and 90 degrees of tilt. The robot's drive utilizes encoders so it can keep track of its position and increment forward configurable distances.

Pipe Inspection Robot Pipe Robot Pipe Robot

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Tethered External Pipe Inspector Robot

This robot is designed to be adjustable to fit the outside of pipes from 35" diameter on up. An ultrasonic sensor was mounted on the end of the arm and it measured the wall thickness of the pipe as well as looking for any defects. It was actually used on power generators. The robot was designed and built for Veracity Technology Solutions, an AGC Aerospace & Defense company. A press release of the robot can be found here.

Pipe Robot
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Wireless or Tethered Pipe Inspector Robot

This robot is designed to fit inside a pipe less than 4 inches. The robot has sensor probes for temperature that monitored the temperature of the wall of the pipe. An IR camera was mounted on the front to relay video back to the user. The unique design used simple treads and motors along with common parts to provide a very affordable custom robot

Pipe Inspection
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Vault Inspection Robot

This robot is designed to fit down through a manhole cover and ride upside down on a track system to inspect electrical vaults.

Vault Inspection
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Inspection robots are built to to go where you can't, or won't. From pipes, vaults, attics, crawl spaces, etc. Our inspection robots are tough, durable and well-built to handle almost any inspection job you can throw at them.
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