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How to Order an Autonomous Robot

How to Order an Autonomous Robot

This page discusses options for ordering autonomous robots from SuperDroid Robots. Options include ordering a standard or off-the-shelf robot, using our ROS Control Package to select from a wide variety of existing customization options, or developing something completely unique and custom by submitting a Custom Robot Request form.

Standard Robot Models

The following robots are standard models that can be purchased directly on our website. These robots (except for the Security Robot) are all programmable, which means the source code is included and the end user can make modifications or build on top of the base platform and codebase.

Mini-IPS Robot

This is an indoor robot that uses the Marvelmind Indoor Positioning System and wheel encoders to position itself. The robot runs on ROS and is able to travel between user-defined waypoints. The Mini-IPS Robot can also be equipped with a 2D Lidar for obstacle detection.

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Mini-SLAM Robot

This is an indoor ROS robot equipped with a 2D lidar and wheel encoders. The Mini-SLAM Robot uses the SLAM algorithm for both positioning and obstacle detection. Waypoints can be sent to the robot using RViz, a Linux-only ROS gui.

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Mini-Vision Robot

The Mini-Vision Robot is a ROS robot with a NVIDIA Jetson Nano running Ubuntu 18.04 and ROS Melodic. The vision sensors include the Intel RealSense T265 Tracking Camera and D435i Depth Camera. The camera input is used in conjunction with IMU and wheel encoder data to provide robust and reliable vSLAM tracking.


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Programmable GPS Robot

The Programmable GPS Robot is an outdoor robot that uses GPS and wheel encoders for positioning. The code runs on an Arduino Mega, making it accessible to a wide range of skill levels. The robot is able to travel to user-defined waypoints that are set by coding them into the robot's firmware.


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Security Robot

The Autonomous Security Robot is an advanced autonomous robot built on our HK-1000 chassis that uses a 3D Lidar, computer vision, encoders, and IMU to patrol around an indoor or outdoor area. It has many useful features including a 360° HD surveillance camera system, automatic docking/charging, a GUI to set and schedule patrol routes and monitor remotely, email notifications when suspicious activity is detected, person detection, remote video streaming, and 2-way audio.

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Past Custom Autonomous Robots

Custom autonomous robots that we have built in the past are listed on our Example Autonomous Robots page.

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ROS Autonomous Control Package

The ROS Autonomous Control Package is a ROS-based control system that can be used with any robot platform on our site. The control system is flexible and is designed to easily integrate a wide variety of sensors and functionality. Hardware options include choice of onboard computer, IMU, 2D Lidar, 3D Lidar, 3D camera, and GPS. Programming options include SLAM, obstacle detection, and autonomous navigation. Example use cases of this control package:

  • You need a basic sensorless ROS-compatible platform that can be manually driven with a gamepad. You might intend to integrate your own sensors later.

  • You want a ROS platform with various sensors mounted and communicating with the onboard computer, but you plan to develop the higher level autonomous functions (positioning, obstacle detection, navigation) yourself.

  • You want us to completely develop a fully featured autonomous robot for you, with all sensors and programming included.

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Custom Robot Request

If none of our standard offerings meet your needs, fill out our Custom Robot Request Form. Provide as much detail as possible when filling out the form and we will be happy to develop a custom solution for your application.

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Have questions? Need additional sample code to get you going? Please visit our forums to post about your project or to request additional sample code.

Guide to ordering an off-the-shelf or custom autonomous robot from SuperDroid Robots.
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