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1 meter 3 (Coax Video with 2 Audio) AV Cable
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1 meter 3 (Coax Video with 2 Audio) AV Cable
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1 meter 3 (Coax Video with 2 Audio) AV Cable
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1 meter 3 (Coax Video +2 Audio) AV Cable


Our standard RCA audio cable for audio/video applications where newer connection types are not available.


  • Connectors: 3 RCA RG59 Male to 3 RCA RG59 Male
  • RG59 Video (Yellow) + Audio (Red & White)
  • Fully molded connectors provide excellent strain relief
  • Easy installation with non slip rubber grip
  • Length: 1M

1 meter 3 (Coax Video +2 Audio) AV Cable
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