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16GB Kingston Micro SD Memory Card
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16GB Kingston Micro SD Memory Card
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16GB Kingston Micro SD Memory Card
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High Quality 16GB MicroSD Ultra Sandisk Card with SD Adapter.


  • Storage: 16GB
  • SDASC Rating: Class 10
  • Write Speed: 10MB/s

16GB Kingston Class 10 MicroSDHC Flash Memory Card with SD Adapter. 10MB/sec. minimum data transfer rate and read speeds up to 100mb/s.
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32GB Sandisk Micro SDHC Memory Card

This 32GB micro-SD card is ideal for picture and video. It can hold up to 10,000 photos when using a 10-megapixel camera, or 450 minutes of video when recording at 9mbps.

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microSD Breakout - ON SALE

This simple board breaks out the pins of a microSD card connector to a 0.1″ pin spacing that is compatible with standard perfboards, solderless breadboards, and 0.1" connectors.

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PCS-250 24VDC 75 RPM Wheel Chair Motor with Electric Brake

This is powerful wheelchair motor. They make great heavy-duty robot motors. 250W 75RPM motors with 17mm keyed shaft output. They are sold individually and have an electric brake mounted on the back.

Limit 8 per customer
Contact us for higher quantities.
Configurable - HK1500-DM6-E, 6WD All Terrain Autonomous Development Platform

This is an Enclosed 6-wheel drive robot. Ideally suited for Autonomous Robot Development! It uses six powerful wheelchair motors and the inside robot cavity has plenty of room for electronics.

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4-8 Weeks
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