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2.4GHz Wireless Camera Only - DISCONTINUED
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2.4GHz Wireless Camera Only - DISCONTINUED
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2.4GHz Wireless Camera Only - DISCONTINUED
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These very small cameras wirelessly transmit to one of our 2.4GHz receivers that come with our wireless camera packages.  This is the camera only, it does not include the receiver.  Use this camera to add additional cameras to your wireless receiver.  Use the receiver (sold serperately) to swtich between channels/cameras.   Up to four cameras can be used.  

These are multi channel cameras and will be either channel 1, 2, 3, or 4. If you order more than one camera or camera package, we will send different channels. Upon checkout there is an section to put in comments if you wish to choose a specific channel, just note it there.

  • Color CMOS Wireless Camera Transmitter with audio
  • 2.4GHz High Frequency Signal
  • Adjustable Lens (results in sharper focus)
  • Viewing angle ~70 degrees
  • One Power Transformer and one 9V battery clip

This item includes a Color Camera with Built-in Tiny High Frequency Wireless Transmitter. The system operates on a 2.4GHz high frequency signal. 2.4Ghz makes a huge difference in the range and quality of video image received, especially when going through ceilings, floors and most walls. In an unobstructed site with no other electrical interference you can expect to clearly transmit up to 300 feet.

The video and audio is transmitted at 2.4GHz. It is NOT sent via regular UHF TV band (Like Ch59) transmission to a channel on your TV. These cameras are NTSC Versions (United States Standards). Installation is simple and will take less than 3 minutes to set up. No wire to run through the house. No special knowledge is required.   Once again, this is the camera only - no receiver. You need to use one of our 2.4GHz camera/receiver packages.  It is meant as a replacement or add-on camera.  We can not and will not let you know if it will work with other receivers! 

This miniature camera has a built-in microphone and 2.4Ghz Video & Audio transmitter. The tiny camera is about 7/8" high and wide and 1" deep. The antenna is about 7/8" long and comes out of the back. The highly sensitive microphone can listen in a room over 300 square ft. The equipment is perfect for body worn covert applications. This miniature camera can send video & audio powered by a 9-volt alkaline battery (Duracell/Energizer) or the supplied AC-DC Adaptor. The power plug on the cameras should not be cut off! You should splice the 9V battery plug to your alternate battery to connect to the camera. It is important not to over volt the camera/transmitter for proper performance. This miniature camera can send video for a couple of hours non-stop if powered by a 9-volt alkaline battery.

The manual, drivers, and installation program are included with the CD, you can download the manual here and view it before you buy it.


CH2: 2432MHz
CH3: 2450MHz
CH4: 2468MHz
VIDEO OUTPUT: NA (part of the receiver - NOT included)
AUDIO OUTPUT: NA (part of the receiver - NOT included)

The Camera package includes the following:


1 Wireless Camera with Audio Transmitter
1 Lens Cap
1 Camera mounting bracket with hardware
1 9V Battery Clip/Plug for camera
1 5V AC-DC Transformer (for camera/transmitter)

Legal issues:
1) USA: It is illegal to secretly record conversations/daily activities of others without their knowledge or permission and offenders are liable to be punished under Title 18, United States Code Section 2512. Buyer must be responsible for the legality on your countries and all other customs issues with these items. Each camera is sold on the condition that it will not be misused. Thank you.
2) This camera meets FCC Part 15 requirements. The user is solely responsible for the operation of this equipment in compliance with FCC Rules and Regulations. Please contact FCC at: http://www.FCC.GOV for additional information.

          This is a wireless Multi-Channel 2.4 GHz camera with built in transmitter.  This is the camera only.  The package a wireless camera, transformer,  battery clip, and mini stand.
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