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These are wheel and shaft sets we use with our all terrain robot kits as well as our omni and mecanum wheel robot kits.
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4 Inch Mecanum Wheel and Shaft Set - IG32 SB
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4 Inch Mecanum Wheel and Shaft Set - IG32 SB
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4 Inch Mecanum Wheel and Shaft Set - IG32 SB
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This is a set containing our 4" Mecanum Wheels. It is intended for use with our Vectoring Mecanum Wheel Robot - IG32 SB. It also contains shafts to fit on an IG32 motor, Aluminum Wheel Hubs to mount to the wheel, bearings, shaft collars, roll pins, and socket head screws.

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These are 4" inch diameter Mecanum wheels with custom shafts, lock collars, and bearings.
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