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4WD HeavyDuty ATR Assembled Robot - SOLD
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4WD HeavyDuty ATR Assembled Robot - SOLD
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4WD HeavyDuty ATR Assembled Robot - SOLD
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This is a prebuilt Heavy Duty ATR robot with 6.75 inch tires.  The Heavy Duty ATR supports each wheel shaft with two sealed ball bearings and is chain driven with a 10:15 reduction.  See the HD ATR ATR building support page for more details.  We have included everything to make it ready to run including batteries, controllers, chargers, etc.


This robot is built and ready to go!   Please allow 1-2 days for packaging prior to shipment.  With the supplied tires and 122 RPM motors the robot is capable of hauling 30llbs and towing or pushing several hundred (watch the video below).  If you want to add to capacity, the tires can be foam filled.  We have included a RC controller with it, but it could be replaced with a microcontroller or a larger channel radio for pan and tilt camera system, etc.  

Please contact us if you need this robot customized.  This is a standard HD 4WD platform, therefore its size is ~20.75" wide and ~19.75" long (wheel to wheel edge) and has ~2.25" clearance.  The total weight of the assembled robot with batteries, wheels, etc is ~30 lbs.  The video below shows how well this robot handles most terrains and obstacles and demonstrates it capabilities with 50lbs strapped to its back (the robot in the video has foam filled tires).


  • This robot is pre-built.  Please allow 1-2 days for shipment.


This is a Heavy Duty ATR with 6.75 inch tires tires.  We have inclued everything to make it ready to run including batteries, controllers, chargers, etc.
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