• 4WD IG52 Custom Length Assembled Robot with 10 inch tires - SOLD
The image gallery displays possible configurations of this robot.

This is a prebuilt robot that uses custom length sides and 10 inch tires.  We have included everything to make it ready to run including batteries, controllers, chargers, etc.


This robot is built and ready to go!   Please allow 1-2 days for packaging prior to shipment.  We have included a RC controller with it, but it could be replaced with a microcontroller or a larger channel radio for pan and tilt camera system, etc.  

Please contact us if you need this robot customized.  The measures speed is just shy of 10 MPH!.  The robot is about 28.5" wide and 29" long (edge of wheels to edge of wheels).  The robot has a 4" ground clearance.  The total weight of the assembled robot with batteries, wheels, etc is 60lbs.  The chassis dimensions are 20" wide by 22" long.  The list below shows the measured total  (all 4 motors combined) current draw for different scenarios:

 Robot Specifications:

  • Drive straight concrete: 26A
  • Drive straight grass: 28A
  • Pivot Turn smooth concrete: 25A
  • Pivot Turn rough concrete: 33A
  • Pivot Turn asphalt: 38A
  • Pivot Turn grass: 50A
  • Pivot Turn carpet: 45A
  • Right Turn or Left Turn Asphalt: 15A
  • Uphill (loading dock ramp): 45A


  • This robot is pre-built.  Please allow 1-2 days for shipment.


The video below shows how well this robot handles and how fast it its.

4WD IG52 Custom Length Assembled Robot with 10 inch tires - SOLD

  • $1,673.69