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4WD WiFi Controlled Mobile Robot with PTZ Dome Camera - IG42 - DISCONTINUED
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4WD WiFi Controlled Mobile Robot with PTZ Dome Camera - IG42 - DISCONTINUED
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4WD WiFi Controlled Mobile Robot with PTZ Dome Camera - IG42 - DISCONTINUED
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The image gallery displays possible configurations of this robot. See description and options below to configure your robot.

If assembly is chosen as an option below, this item will not qualify for free shipping.


This is SuperDroid Robot's Wi-Fi All Terrain Robot, programmed and fully assembled. The robot is 4WD and is controlled from a PC over a Wi-Fi connection. Equipped with a Pan/Tilt/Zoom IP camera in a protective dome.

The Wi-Fi controlled IG42 ATR includes the complete robot, program, gamepad controller so you can drive the robot right out of the box.

The robot itself is an extremely rugged well-built. This isn’t your ordinary WiFi robot. The wheels are axle mounted and are supported using sealed ball bearings. The motors are powerful, and it will move quickly and easily on most terrains. The rugged frame is made of 1/8" thick aluminum and hand welded.


  • Remote Monitoring - Compact, lightweight and fast you can control this robot from anywhere. The 10X optical zoom camera with 360-degree pan and tilt allow a complete view of the robot's surroundings.
  • Flexibility - Thanks to open aluminum chassis, it's quick and easy to attach or remove items. This makes the robot versatile for any task

Standard Configuration

This robot comes with the recommended and most popular setup. By changing, adding or removing features at the bottom of this page you can configure the robot to suit your needs and budget. We also offer this robot as a programmable style robot so you can program it yourself and add/change features. See here for a programmable configuration.

Available Options

(Selected Below)
  • Router/Bridge Option: A router is a lot easier to connect your computer to, etc. However, if you plan on using this on an existing network you will need a bridge.
  • Encoder Option: The motors can be upgraded to have encoders. The control board and software will be upgraded to read the encoder data so you can monitor how far the robot has traveled using the included software.
  • Wheel Options: You can select different style wheels if desired.
  • Battery Options: We offer many battery options. The more amp hours, the longer the run time will be.
  • Roll Cage: The Roll Cage upgrade will include a roll cage and top cover mounted to the robot. The roll cage will protect the camera in the event of a rollover. An additional option of lights can be attached to the Roll Cage for better lighting in darker environments.
  • Bumpers: A front bumper can be added to protect the robot from head-on collisions. An additional bumper can be added on the back of the robot as well.
  • Skid Plate: A bottom skid plate can be added to protect the electronics on the bottom of the robot. This options should be selected if you plan on using the robot outdoors.
  • Sandblast and Paint the Robot Chassis: This upgrade will include sandblasting and painting the robot chassis. The chassis is wire brushed aluminum as a standard item, which will not rust. If you select this option we will sandblast the chassis and aluminum parts and paint them.

Contact us if you would like a custom configuration of this robot.

Documentation and Support


  • This item is Built to Order and usually ships in 2-5 Weeks.
  • Due to the size of this item, freight shipping is typically required. We will contact you after checkout with freight costs and arrangements.
  • Need it faster? Contact us


This is our IG42 motor WiFi robot kit programmed and fully assembled. The robot is 4WD and is controlled from a PC using a WiFi connection. The robot  has an IP dome camera with a Pan/Tilt/Zoom system.
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