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Ribbon Cables, wire jumpers, Ethernet, RCA, BNC, RS232, etc for connecting your electronics together.
Offering a wide range of IG32 (32mm), IG42 (42mm), and IG52 (52mm) motors with encoders, motor controllers with encoder feedback and breakout boards to interface a microcontroller board directly to the encoder.
An assortment of Headers, Connectors and Jumper Wires.
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 6-pin Molex Microfit 3.0
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 6-pin Molex Microfit 3.0
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6-pin Molex Microfit 3.0
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Molex, LLC
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This is a molex connector used for encoder input in Roboteq XDC2460, MDC2460, MDC2230. This comes with 1 Molex Connector and 6 crimp terminals.


1 Red, 2 Orange, 3 Brown, 4 Green, 5 Yellow, 6 Black.

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Assembly, If you want us to crimp the wires for you we will crimp wire onto the crimps and assemble the connector for you. We will use different color stranded wire for each of the 6 connections

Crimp 2ft of wire 6 times. (Add $8.50)
Crimp 4ft of wire 6 times. (Add $11.25)
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This is a molex connector used for encoder input in Roboteq XDC2460, MDC2460, MDC2230.
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