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7 Chan High Cur TTL Driver with 4 Power 5V Relays
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7 Chan High Cur TTL Driver with 4 Power 5V Relays
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7 Chan High Cur TTL Driver with 4 Power 5V Relays
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This is the same as TE-010-405 except that it is an older version fully assembled but has no mounting holes. 

This is a must for driving any circuits over 20mA.  TTL logic outputs from the OOPic or basic stamp, PIC, etc do not have the capacity to drive much more than an LED.  This board allows you to easily drive higher current devices.  It will drive up to 50V and 2 watts of power (1 watt per channel, but the channels can be paralleled for over 1 watt).  The circuit can handle about 500mA continuously.  The circuit also has inductive load transient suppression which occurs when driving such things as coils on relays. 

All our high current drivers have 7 channels.  All but the basic assembled board and one relay board have status LEDs which will light with a TTL (+5VDC) logic input.  The boards that have relays are rated at 10A@120VAC.    An external power source is plugged into the board that drives the loads. If you use the relays, then the supply needs to be either  5VDC or 12VDC.  The 5VDC coils will draw about 60mA each.  The 12VDC coils will draw about 37mA each. 

If you want screw terminals as pictured, you must select that addition below, else you can solder your wires right into the holes on the PCB.

These kits come unassembled, but you can opt for assembly if you wish.  All the components are on the top side, and the boards are spaced out to make assembly as easy as possible.  Click on the images to view the board in detail.  The 4 relay boards are now silkscreened and masked for easier assembly.

For assembly and operation instructions follow this link.(~1.5MB)

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This is a High current driver that will take the 5V TTL signal from your OOPic, Basic Stamp, etc and drive any all of the 4 relays.  3 other channels are left open for other applications.  It includes status LEDs for each input.
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