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Switches and relays for the power distribution of your robot.
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70A Waterproof Breaker Switch - IP67 Rating
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70A Waterproof Breaker Switch - IP67 Rating
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70A Waterproof Breaker Switch - IP67 Rating
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These combination circuit breaker switches are rated for up to 48V DC and offer overcurrent protection. The rubber gasket provided with the switch serves to keep dust, debris, and water out of the system. 1/4 inch stainless steel studs serve as secure attachment points for wiring. If the current exceeds the maximum rating the switch will automatically shut off, preventing your components from being damaged. To turn on the switch, push the reset lever up into the housing. To turn off the switch, press down on the yellow button. This will cause the lever to spring into the off position.


  • Rated Voltage – 48V DC
  • Rated Current – 70A
  • Operating Temperature - -32°C to 82°C
  • Mounting type – Panel Mount
  • Mounting hole size – 0.25”
  • IP67 rating


  • Length 1.5” (inches)
  • Width 1.9” (inches)
  • Height 2.1” (inches)
  • Weight 80g (3 oz)

    70A Circuit Breaker typically used in auxiliary and accessory circuits in truck, bus', RVs and marine applications. Others include battery charger and DC audio system.
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