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We have an array of programmable Arduino controllers. Using the top open-source platform for robot software development, our Arduino controllers provide the stability and performance desired by those experienced with designing robots.
Expand the functionality of your programable controller with these shields.
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Arduino Kit Workshop Base with Arduino Uno
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Arduino Kit Workshop Base with Arduino Uno
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Arduino Kit Workshop Base with Arduino Uno
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SuperDroid Robots is a authorized reseller of this authentic Arduino product.


The Arduino Workshop Kit with the Arduino Uno controller board comes a selection of all the components / parts necessary to participate in an introductory Arduino Workshop.

Features and Specifications

  • Arduino Uno R3 (Qty 1)
  • Straight single line pinhead connectors 2,54 40x1 (Qty 1)
  • Set of 70 breadboard jumper wires (Qty 1)
  • Input Voltage (limits): 6-20 V
  • 10K Ohm Resistors 1/4W (Qty 5)
  • 2.2K Ohm Resistor 1/4 W (Qty 5)
  • 220 Ohm Resistors 1/4W (Qty 10)
  • 330K Ohm Resistors 1/4W (Qty 5)
  • 100nF capacitor polyester (Qty 5)
  • 10nF capacitor polyester (Qty 5)
  • 100uF electrolytic capacitor 25Vdc (Qty 3)
  • 4,7K Ohm Thermistor (Qty 1)
  • 70..100K Ohm LDR VT90N2 (Qty 1)
  • 5mm RED LED (Qty 3)
  • 5mm GREEN LED (Qty 1)
  • 5mm YELLOW LED Qty 1)
  • 10Kohm potentiometer, pcb terminals (Qty 1)
  • BC547 Transistor in TO92 Package (Qty 2)
  • Piezo buzzer (Qty 1)
  • PCB Pushbutton, 12x12mm size (Qty 5)
  • 4N35 Optocoupler DIL-6 package (Qty 2)
  • Tilt sensor(Qty 2)
  • Diode 1n4007(Qty 1)
  • MOS Irf520(Qty 1)
  • USB cable (Qty 1)

Documentation and Support


This authentic Arudino Kit Workshop Base (with the Arduino Uno board) is a selection of all the components / parts necessary to participate in an introductory Arduino Workshop.
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