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These are some of our Pre-Built, Fully Assembled, and Tested Robot kits that have sold. If you see something you like, let us know and we can build it again for you!
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Assembled RC Deluxe ATR with camera system - SOLD
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Assembled RC Deluxe ATR with camera system - SOLD
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Assembled RC Deluxe ATR with camera system - SOLD
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This item has been sold. Please contact us if you need a custom robot built for you.

This is our revision 2 Deluxe ATR kit that is fully assembled and loaded with all the options to make it great first response or inspection robot. The robot is entirely enclosed and can be used in all weather conditions. The wheels are axle mounted and supported using two sealed ball bearings. Each of the four axles are driven by a large and powerful IG42 252 RPM Gear motors via chains to yield a smooth and slip free mode of operation. The motors and transmission allow this robot to climb walls. The wheels of this robot are our Tamiya 6.75" Dia. All-Terrain Tires. The wheel hubs have a hex coupling that matches to our axles for a slip free engagement. The robots dimensions are ~23" wide and ~20" long (wheel to wheel edge). The robot has a ~2.5" clearance. The height of the robot is ~7.5" from the ground, with the camera dome ~11.5". The chassis is ~14.5" wide x ~18.25" long.

The frame is made of 1/8" thick aircraft grade aluminum. The design uses all laser cut parts with mortise and tenon design for precise alignment and mating of the parts. The covers are tinted acrylic that is also laser cut to match the holes of the mating flanges that are tapped after the laser cutting. A galvanized metal cover for shielding EMF is provided for going over the four motors which are mounted in the center. A middle tray is also provided that mounts on top of the motors for mounting the batteries, camera system, and electronics too. The chassis is completely welding using TIG and MIG. Gaskets are also provided for sealing the acrylic covers. The robot also has front Halogen lights that are controlled remotely.

For further details and descriptions of the ATR, see our ATR Robot Building Page . Additionally, you can see our general ATR page for videos of the ATR robot in action.

We have had this robot sitting around for a long time and need to move it. We have discounted it a lot. If you add all the items up including the assembly cost, you can see that you saving a lot for a great robot package.

All of the following items are included with this assembled and tested package:
Fully welded ATR Aluminum Frame with acrylic covers, motor EMF shield, electronics/battery tray, gaskets, hardware, chains, sprockets, electrical wire, a 4PST power switch, along with the following stock items:

This was a demonstration robot which built and has not been used much except for show and tell. We will replace the batteries with newer higher capacity ones prior to shipping. We will ensure the batteries are fully charged and everything functions prior to shipping. We will also throw in free battery chargers! This robot is ready to ship. Please allow 2-4 days to replace the batteries and get it ready for shipment.

Deluxe ATR pre-assembled and configured robot ready to roll so you can start using it immediately for inspection or Law enforcement.
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