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Lead Acid and SLA Chargers for robot kits.
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Automatic 24V 4A SLA Battery Charger
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Automatic 24V 4A SLA Battery Charger
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Automatic 24V 4A SLA Battery Charger
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This Charger is designed for charging a 24V lead acid battery with 4A current. The charger will work with 2 12V batteries run in series.

This is a Brand New 24V 4A smart charger with a standard XLR three pin output connector for 24V Lead-Acid, Sealed Lead Acid (SLA) and GEL rechargeable batteries, which are widely used in electric scooters, power chairs, electric bikes, wheelchairs,etc.

  • The charger will automatically monitor battery voltage, adjust output voltage and current, and automatically shut off when batteries are fully charged. Won't damage your batteries.
  • Four Protection design:
    • Short circuit protection;
    • Battery polarity error protection;
    • Over current protection;
    • Over voltage protection.
  • Compatibility List: ActiveCare, Bladez XTR, Currie, Drive Cirrus Plus EC Folding Power Chair, Golden Technologies, GT, IZIP, Jazzy, LASHOUT, Mongoose, Pacesaver, Pride, Rascal (600 series excluded), Schwinn, Shoprider.
  • What if my scooter/wheelchair is not on the list? Please check your battery connector. As long as it is round with three small holes (standard XLR connector), this charger will work.
  • We typically cut the XLR connector off and install Anderson connectors onto the cable. Please note, in doing this you void any warranty, so please make sure it works before cutting it.

Features and Specifications:

  • Scooter battery charger 24V 4A XLR
  • Input:110-120V, 50-60Hz.
  • Output: 24V 4A, Connector: 3-prong XLR (male) plug.
  • Automatic Charger, won't over charge your batteries.
  • Standard output XLR three pin male connector.
  • Completely automatic.

This is a 24 volt 4 amp Charger. It is designed for charging a 24V lead acid battery and Sealed Lead Acid (SLA) with 4A current.  The charger will work with 2 12V batteries run in series.
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