• Compact Handheld Analog 6 Channel Tactical Robot Controller - DISCONTINUED

Features and Specifications

  • Spektrum DSM2 AirMod Remote control module
  • Spktrum fail safe receiver
  • 5 inch color LCD
  • 900 MHz transmitter and receiver
  • Custom Enclosure with joysticks
  • Battery and regulator for Monitor, radio, and receiver
  • Electrical and mechanical assembly
  • Fully Tested and installed in SuperDroid Tactical Robot

We also manufacture a lot custom remotes too. Contact us if you are interested in a custom remote. The remotes are intended to be installed in SuperDroid Robots Tactical Robots only. The remotes may work in other robots, but will likely require some customization to accommodate the different setups including motor controllers, cameras, etc.


Delivery of this item is tied to the delivery of the robot it is purchased with. If buying this as a stand alone item, please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery and we will need to discuss the details of how the controller is set up for your robot.

This is a custom built Encased handheld remote using a 6 channel 2.4Ghz DSM remote with a 5 inch color LCD with joysticks, batteries, regulators, and 900 MHz video receiver. It also includes the 900MHz video transmitter and 2.4GHz receiver.

For more help selecting the right remote and general information see our controllers support page.

Compact Handheld Analog 6 Channel Tactical Robot Controller - DISCONTINUED

  • $2,059.40

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