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CUSTOM IG32 Mecanum ROS Robot and RC Override - SOLD
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CUSTOM IG32 Mecanum ROS Robot and RC Override - SOLD
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CUSTOM IG32 Mecanum ROS Robot and RC Override - SOLD
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This is a prebuilt robot upgraded from the Programmable Mecanum Wheel Vectoring Robot - IG32 SB. The chassis is modified to accommodate larger and more powerful 12.8V 9.6Ahr K2 LiFePO4 batteries tucked underneath the chassis, freeing up space on the top.

The robot is controlled by a customized ROS Control Package running on an Odroid XU4. The robot can be operated over Wifi using a USB gamepad or locally with an RC controller. By using a ROS framework on embedded Linux, this robot can be further modified with custom modules using Python or C++. This robot includes a Roboteq SDC2160 motor controller with encoder feedback and speed control for precise and consistent vectoring control.

Prebuilt Configuration:

This is a complete robot package that includes everything listed below, fully assembled and ready to run. It also includes a full ROS package.

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  • This is a custom robot built and delivered to a customer.
  • If you are interested in a similar robot, please fill out our Custom Robot Request Form

This is a fully assembled IG32 Mecanum robot platform with a ROS control package and RC override included.
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