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These are some of our Pre-Built, Fully Assembled, and Tested Robot kits that have sold. If you see something you like, let us know and we can build it again for you!
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CUSTOM Mecanum Robot IG52-DB - SOLD
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CUSTOM Mecanum Robot IG52-DB - SOLD
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CUSTOM Mecanum Robot IG52-DB - SOLD
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This is a custom-size Mecanum robot designed to carry 200 Kilograms. It uses 4 IG52 motors running at 82 RPM that are chain driven to each axle individually.The chassis is made out of 3/16 inch thick aluminum plate and welded together to make a very sturdy chassis.

The wheels are stainless steel with urethane rollers with an overall diameter of 6 inches. The size of the chassis is 30 inches long by 22 inches wide


This is a custom size Mecanum robot designed to carry 200 Kilograms.
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NEW Prebuilt LT2-F Tracked ATR Robot Platform

This is a fully assembled LT2-F robot platform. It is our second generation of the LT robot. It is the same chassis and has the same mechanical components as our tactical LT2-F robot. The LT2 is lighter than the HD2 treaded robot.

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NEW Prebuilt - All-Terrain Tracked Platform with DeWalt Adapter

Ready to ship prebuilt tracked platform with DeWalt battery adapter. This lightweight platform uses IG42 122 RPM motors, all-terrain tracks, and an RC control system. Powered by standard DeWalt batteries for ease of use.

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