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These are some of our Pre-Built, Fully Assembled, and Tested Robot kits that have sold. If you see something you like, let us know and we can build it again for you!
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Custom Pair of ROS Autonomous Agriculture Robot - SOLD
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Custom Pair of ROS Autonomous Agriculture Robot - SOLD
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Custom Pair of ROS Autonomous Agriculture Robot - SOLD
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These robots were developed as a complete autonomous outdoor system. Their purpose is to retrieve soil samples from crop fields and greenhouses to be later analyzed. The system utilizes an array of LIDAR, 3D vision, and a custom ROS Autonomous control package. A long range IP radio system serves as a communication hub to provide additional precision in pathing!


Affordable Autonomous Programmable Robots, Tactical Robots, Inspection Robots, and Custom Robots. We also carry sensors, tracks, wheels and gear motors!
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NEW Prebuilt - 4WD IG52-SB-T Custom Size Robot

A ready to ship prebuilt All-Terrain 4WD robotic platform. It features 10" pneumatic tires and IG52 136RPM gear motors. RC controller, battery, and charger included.

1 Ready to Ship!
Configurable - PCS1000-DM4 - 4WD ATR Platform with Wheelchair Motors

This robot is equipped with powerful wheelchair motors. The default configuration has a speed of 272 fpm and a payload of up to 200 lbs. With different configurations, speed can range from 255 to 408 fpm and payload can rage from 100-200 lbs.

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