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These are some of our Pre-Built, Fully Assembled, and Tested Robot kits that have sold. If you see something you like, let us know and we can build it again for you!
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DEMO Prebuilt HD2-S Treaded Remote Surveillance and Inspection Robot with 27X Optical Zoom - SOLD
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DEMO Prebuilt HD2-S Treaded Remote Surveillance and Inspection Robot with 27X Optical Zoom - SOLD
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DEMO Prebuilt HD2-S Treaded Remote Surveillance and Inspection Robot with 27X Optical Zoom - SOLD
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This is a prebuilt Tactical Surveillance robot lightly used for demonstration purposes. It is set up as a standard configuration of the HD2-S Doberman Robot. If you want this HD2-S built to your exact specifications, please follow this link.

The HD2-S is SuperDroid Robots standard HD2 Robot set up for surveillance as a tactical robot. The HD2-s is completely setup with the heavy-duty HD2 tracked robot that can climb over most obstacles including stairs, it includes a 27X optical zoom camera on a pan and tilt assembly so you can see everything when clearing or inspecting a building. The robot package comes with a tactical remote. The entire package is developed, designed, built, configured, tested, and supported by SuperDroid Robots in NC USA.


  • Tracked Chassis for climbing stairs and obstacles - The tracked design allows this robot to climb over most obstacles and go up and down stairs.
  • Remote Surveillance - The 360 degree Pan and tilt with 27X optical zoom camera with low light vision and high intensity LED lights allow the robot to see everything.
  • Entry into difficult areas - This tracked robot is rugged and has the ability to traverse many obstacles that often stop other robots.
  • Hostage and hazardous surveillance - Survey hostile/hazardous situations staying out of harm’s way.
  • Clearing rooms remotely - Clear rooms and buildings remotely with audio and video surveillance.

Prebuilt Configuration

This tactical surveillance robot comes with the recommended and most popular setup.

  • Platform: This weatherproof robot comes complete with chasis, motors, motor controllers, batteries, and tracks.
  • Protective Equipment: Equipped with a heavy duty roll cage to protect the camera and radio assemblies.
  • Camera System: An Enclosed Zoom camera is mounted to the main chassis and has 360 degree pan, 90 degree tilt, and 27X optical zoom. The camera system is mounted towards the rear of the robot giving the operator an excellent perspective through the camera when driving the robot.
  • Tactical OCU: For this robot, the best Operator Control Unit (OCU) for the money is SuperDroid Robots digital enclosed case remote offering great performance, channel hopping, encrypted video and control.
  • Audio: One-Way Audio from robot back to the operator control unit.
  • Battery Charging: The chargers are fully automatic and will charge all the batteries simultaneously.
  • Robot Run Time: Up to 8 hours.
  • Speed: 0 to 4 ft per second, infinitely adjustable/controllable.
  • Weight: ~75 lbs
  • Dimensions: Total Width: ~20", Total Length: ~38", Height: ~9.5" (Tread Height).
  • Assembly: The robot is professionally assembled and ready to go!

Contact us if you would like a custom configuration of this robot.



  • This robot is a Prebuilt Demo, please allow 5-45 business days depending on if the robot is out for demonstration.
  • This item requires freight shipping.
  • Contact us if you need expedited delivery.


  • SuperDroid Robots will repair any manufacturing defects for 1 Year after shipment. Damage from abuse or neglect will not be covered. Warranty work performed by SuperDroid Robots in Fuquay-Varina, NC. Warranty does not include shipping. Additional warranty options are available upon request.
  • Consumable items will not be covered by the warranty. Consumable items include, but are not limited to treads, chains, bearings, wheels, and batteries.
  • Extended warranties, spare parts, and maintenance training is available, contact us with specific needs. Service agreements are also available.


This is our largest standard treaded tactical (UGV) robot model. It is a excellent tactical surveillance and inspection robot ready to conduct remote surveillance for 1st responders.
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