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DEMO Prebuilt LT2/F "Bulldog" with 6-Axis Arm
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DEMO Prebuilt LT2/F "Bulldog" with 6-Axis Arm
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DEMO Prebuilt LT2/F "Bulldog" with 6-Axis Arm
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DEMO ROBOT: Availability 5-45 days

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This is a prebuilt robot. Ready to ship, fully assembled and ready to run. The robot is configured as listed below. If you desire a custom configuration please follow this link and pick a package to customize at the bottom of the page. If you require further customization, please fill out our custom robot request form.


This is our Tactical LT2-F "Bulldog" Tracked Surveillance Robot with a 6-axis robotic arm. It has all of the features of the Advanced Configuration. This robot package is complete; including the robot, a digital controller, and battery chargers. It is fully assembled, tested, and ready to ship. See the LT Support page for more details on the LT-F Tracked Robot, and the Custom Robot Arm Support Page for more details on the arm itself. This prebuilt robot has a 6- axis arm along with the following:

This robot design was developed for Law Enforcement and Military purposes, but can be purchased and used by anyone.


  • Hostage and hazardous surveillance: Survey hostile/hazardous situations remotely.
  • Opening Doors: With the 6-axis arm, doors and other obstacles will no longer stop you from surveying your surroundings.
  • Clearing rooms remotely: Clear rooms and buildings remotely with 2-way audio and video surveillance.
  • Remote Surveillance: Four strategically placed and controlled cameras on the robot along with high intensity LED lights allow the operator excellent visibility of the robot in its environment. The quad view camera display on the controller allows all four cameras to be viewed simultaneously, making surveillance and inspections tasks easier than ever. Advanced kinematic modeling allows the operator to see the position of the manipulator and the flipper arms in 3D. It also alerts the operator when the manipulator is close to colliding with any other part of the robot to avoid damaging the system.
  • Bomb Disposal and Remote Manipulation: Our UGV (Unmanned Ground Vehicle) is an excellent choice to keep people out of harm's way when it comes to bomb diffusing and removal (pipe, pressure cooker, etc).

Demo Configuration:

  • 6-axis arm
  • Enclosed Case Digital Tactical Robot Controller
  • 30X Optical Zoom Perspective Pan and Tilt Camera
  • 30X Optical Zoom Tilt Camera in Nose
  • Additional Forearm and Rear IR Cameras
  • LED Lights with controls
  • 2-Way Audio
  • Remote with 12" Microsoft Surface 4 Pro Tablet
  • Quad View camera display allows you to see all four cameras at once
  • Advanced Kinematic Modeling with Collision Detection
  • Standard Shipping Crate

Documentation and Support:


  • This robot is a Prebuilt Demo, please allow 5-45 business days depending if the robot is out for demonstration.
  • This item requires freight shipping. Freight shipping is not calculated by our shopping cart. We will contact you after placing the order to go over your options or you may contact us for a quote.
  • Contact us if you need expedited delivery.



LT2/F w/Arm "Bulldog" - Advanced Package with additional customization
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